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Fulham 2, Stoke 0: Match Highlights


  1. Subtract the PK’s and the strike rate isn’t that different between the 2.

    Or give Dempsey the PK’s for a year and then let’s compare. ; )

    Donovan is the poster boy – oh wait, scratch that, Dempsey’s poster was all over London apparently.

    Still, it shouldn’t be Donovan v Dempsey, they’re both excellent.

  2. Funny….now that I remember, on an article where Ives stated that Donovan was not going on loan about two weeks ago, I got into a big debate about who out of Dempsey and Donovan was the best american ever, besides Mccbride, to play the sport? After Dempsey’s performances week in- week out, why is this even up for debate?!!

  3. On Dempsey’s lead up for the PK, that first touch of the ball was absolutely sublime! I don’t thiink the defender was expecting that great of first touch needless to say.

  4. I resent the announcer praising Andy Johnson for the first goal more than Dempsey. Yes, nice cross, but Dempsey fought for and finished the goal.

    Regardless, great to see goal production from US players.

  5. Very nice! And what a great first touch-n-turn drew the foul and subsequent PK. So far, nice weekend for Yanks, Dempsey, Spector and Buddle. Anybody else going to show in tomorrow’s matches?


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