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Galaxy sign McBean as newest Homegrown Player

JackMcBean (

The Los Angeles Galaxy has signed the second Homegrown Player in team history, coming to terms with 16-year-old forward Jack McBean, sources told SBI on Tuesday.

The Newport Beach native is a 6-foot target striker who has spent time with the U.S. Under-17 national team, having joined the Under-17 national team Residency Program in Bradenton, Florida.

The Galaxy traded away the club's first Homegrown Player, Tristan Bowen, earlier in the off-season, but add a highly-rated prospect considered one of the top talents to emerge from California in recent years.

One of the best young forwards in the current U.S. Under-17 set-up, McBean is expected to stay with the U.S. Under-17 Residency Program through the CONCACAF Under-17 Championships. He is expected to join the Galaxy after that, before taking part in the Under-17 World Cup in June (if the United States qualifies).


  1. Let’s hope they make a movie about him one day with the tag line “You don’t score 500 goals for the USMNT without making a few enemies”

  2. Newport Beach? Hey, I was partying there with the American Outlaws OC chapter last Friday night before the Chile game.

    Congrats kid! Wish ya luck when you’re not playing DCU.

  3. I can’t believed LA just signed Mark Zuckerberg. I know money can buy a lot of things but I dindnt know a spot on Galaxy was one of the

  4. to be fair, the homegrown deals aren’t exactly regulation contracts, since the player is actually paid by the club, and exempt from the salary cap. but yeah, same dealo. kind of like when Grant Hill hired a lawyer to negotiate his last contract instead of an agent. why pay a percentage instead of a flat rate when there is no real negotiation to have?

    still, nice to see they are leaving him in Bradenton, most homegrown players aren’t ready for MLS (good thing, really)

  5. i would assume that once he had an offer from the Galaxy, he found some. Once you make it to Bradenton and into the U17 set up, agents are aware of you. There’s not much for them to do however, when being signed to a standard MLS contract with the the team that has your rights. Basically making sure the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, as they say.

  6. When this story first floated last week, I was wondering if they’d leave him at Bradenton. Glad to hear they’re doing that. I’m sure he’ll get much better training there than the Galaxy can provide.

  7. How about McLovin?

    all jokes aside, how lucky is this kid. Yeah I work with some guys name David Beckham, landon donavon, and some dude named Angel.

  8. As a fan of awesome names, I fully support Jack McBean. I certainly hope he chops down imaginary stalks as his goal celebration.


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