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Grella’s Motherwell loan has been cancelled

Mike Grella figured to have a good chance for playing time with Scottish club Motherwell, but now he won't have that chance.

Grella's loan from Leeds to Motherwell has been cancelled due to FIFA regulations that don't allow players to play for three clubs in one season. Grella had played for Carlisle United on loan last fall, an emergency loan neither Leeds or Motherwell believed would count against Grella, but the Scottish FA put a halt to the loan.

Grella still might be able to play for an English club on loan if he can secure a loan move before the end of the month.

Grella played just 34 minutes for Leeds at the start of the season before going on a brief loan to Carlisle United, where he played 11 matches.


  1. Yeah, it’s all the Eurosnobs fault. Boo hoo.

    Americans should watch whatever it is that they enjoy watching the most. If that’s EPL – fine. If it’s MLS – fine. They shouldn’t watch MLS just because somebody else “thinks they should”.

    It’s the job of MLS to put a good product on the field, not the fans.

  2. Eh, I’d say this rule benefits a player 9 times out of ten.

    Keeps a player from being bounced around all season. Relocating themselves plus potentially a family is very hard, emotionally and physically.

    Still a shame Grella couldn’t get it done, could have been a good move.

  3. The problem is with Americans not MLS. More people need to watch MLS games on TV, buy MLS merchandise, attend MLS games, and they will have the money to keep American players.
    Or just be a Eurosnob and complain (not you specifically).

  4. Great point but what MLS team will pay him above $100,000? Even if he’s the lowest earner at Leeds, i’m gonna guess he’s making like 2,000 pounds a week times 52. That’s like 110,000 british pounds. Somewhere around $200,000. Basically he’d take quite a cut to return to MLS and nothing is assured by such a move. At least at Leeds, he’s fighting for a chance. he may never be a PL type striker, but surely a Championship type.

    It sucks but MLS is not willing to pay more than $150-$200,000 to any players besides the big names. And look at Buddle. He’s a big name, not a DP and Galaxy offered him like $350,000. He left for a small 2 Bundesliga team that would pay him double that. And this is the Galaxy, the team with loads of cash. Our young boys continually head to Scandinavia where they are assured of at least $200,000 a year even if they suck.

  5. I think he should try his luck at MLS. When he got the chance to play at Leeds and Carlisle he actually scored some goals. Lord knows just about every MLS team could use a forward that scores when given the chance. I bet he could find a team state side where he could start or the very least be first man off the bench and get some spot starts.

  6. Why not look at MLS? Don’t get sitting on the bench for a league 1 side when he could at least he could try to compete for playing time here.

  7. I think he can only go on loan for another month. Players are only allowed 3 short term loans in a season and Grella has already had 2 loans.

    Still another month is better than nothing.


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