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MLS moves Houston Dynamo to Eastern Conference


With the Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers joining Major League Soccer in 2011 the league had to make some changes to conference alignment.

As it turns out, MLS made just one change.

The Houston Dynamo will be playing in the Eastern Conference in 2011, a move that is more cosmetic than anything since the league will play a balanced schedule in 2011. With Montreal joining MLS in 2012, Houston very well could return to the West next season.

Houston failed to make the playoffs in 2010, but looks like a good bet to enjoy a rebound season, which should help make the Eastern Conference a bit tougher in 2011.

What do you think of this development?

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  1. It kinda sucks from a rivalry perspective. There has obviously always been tension between the Dynamo and FC Dallas, but there has also been tension growing with Seattle after the regular season losses in Seattle with the Dynamo winning in the playoffs. Houston always wants to take down the Galaxy as well; and the unclassyness of San Jose makes Houston like to knock out those guys as well. It just sucks that the likely hood of meeting any of those teams in the playoffs just dropped significantly. Its only a big deal for playoffs but playoffs are what matters. Dont believe me? Ask the 30,000+ fans that have showed up to every playoff games hosted in Houston.

  2. A Texas team in an eastern division? Not as strange as you would think. Reminds me of the old AFL days. The Houtson Oilers were in the same division (Eastern) with the NY Jets, Boston Patriots, etc.

  3. I think that when the NY Cosmos join up they should go into the Western Conference. That way the stars will be aligned as the Galaxy and the Cosmos battle it out for supremacy in the Milky Way Cup

  4. +1, just a few more teams and it’s moot.

    Also notice the difference in size between the US and every European country (Russia doesn’t count because teams are not spread across the country like they are here).

  5. Except that every US league is 30-32 teams. How many MLB/NFL/NBA/NHL teams do Saskatchewan, Edminton, Omaha, and Indianapolis have between them? I believe three teams across four leagues.

    Anyone who thinks MLS won’t end up at 30 or more teams is delusional. It will take decades but it will happen.

  6. Promotion and Relegation is to idealistic to imagine in the next 50 years.

    I think we’re more akin to the NBA’s format for scheduling now and in future then any european schedule.

  7. The DP is in the team chemistry.

    No matter who they sign or don’t sign, i’d rank them above KS any day.

    Their gonna bounce back with authoritative force with them aligning to the east.

  8. Just curious why Garber and co. made this specific move and what do they say abt. the future moves after Montreal and then Cosmos are in place? It seems temporary and pointless. Single table, best get in, period.

  9. 40 games ALL OVER the country. This isn’t a trip from Manchester to London, try Philly to… San Jose, LA, Dallas, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Salt Lake, Houston…

  10. Conferences serve no purpose anymore. TFC isn’t going to have a bigger rivalry with Houston than it is with Vancouver just because Houston is in the Eastern Conference.


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