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Onyewu set for FC Twente debut

Oguchi Onyewu 1 ( 

After a frustrating fall spent watching AC Milan matches from the sidelines (and more often from the stands), U.S. national team defender Oguchi Onyewu is set to make his league debut with FC Twente today against Heracles (12:45pm).

Onyewu has made the move to the Dutch Eredivisie on loan, where he will be re-united with his former Standard Liege manager, Michel Preud'homme. He has already fit in with his new club, scoring in a friendly last week.

If you are hoping to see Onyewu's debut, you might be able to watch it via this live stream. If you do get to watch it, please feel free to share your own thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

What do you think of Onyewu's move to FC Twente? Excited to see him back in action?

Share your thoughts on the move, and today's match, below (and enjoy the action).


  1. No, sometimes you play a soccer player out of position because he is the better soccer player. This is a game, not a sprint, or do you want to field a team of Marvell Wynns? Second, I’d argue that Spector was played out of position for years on the outside, only now is he played in his more natural position in the center. We beat Spain once because we have good athletes, but they won the World Cup because they have good soccer players.

  2. You got to hand it too foreign coaches, they are fearless in player positions. First Spector as a midfielder, now Gooch as a left back.

    Are you watching BB. Sometimes it’s ok to put a better athlete in an unfamiliar position, BECAUSE, he is the better athlete.

    Gooch (6’4″),Gonzales (6’5″) and Goodson (6’4″) on the backline?

    Killer G’s !!!!

  3. Gooch wasn’t challenged much. But overall, I looked pretty good for a guy out of position and lacking match fitness. I’ve always been critical of his distribution. But it seems that may have improved during his stint with Milan, notwithstanding his lack of match action. It’s clear that Gooch has evolved tactically — hence why he can slot in and play left back in a new system — and technically. Most impressive was his distribution to the forwards with his left foot. Some very accurate up field distribution. Count me as impressed.

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and starting ask Bob to play him at left back. He’s not the answer there. But hopefully he gets some time in the middle with Twente and my notions of his improvement is validated by performances for the Nats.

  4. Yeah, I’m glad to see Gooch on the field, even if it is left back, but at the international level any team with a speedy, half-decent right winger would give him serious trouble. Heracles is obviously not that team.

    But Gooch looks like he’s moving pretty good. I’ll be happy to see back in the middle for the Nats. The dude’s a center back.

  5. I know it’s been mentioned before re: Jozy, but you’ve gotta think a loan spell in an offensive-minded league like Holland would be good for his confidence. Villareal’s a good situation for him right now, but knocking in a few goals would help. Seems like playing striker is such a mental thing, if he were to get a few goals it might set him off on a streak.

  6. oh absolutely. im sure this is a one time thing, im not gonna start the gooch for usmnt left back revolution or anything like that

  7. FC Twente tied Heracles 0-0 in September, and were beaten 6-2 in their last league game (away to Herenveen). So I imagine that the fans will be thrilled with this result. I hope they don’t lose Bryan Ruiz to a bigger club, but even so it looks like they can compete for the title.

  8. Certainly a good opponent for him to debut against. But I imagine this is just an injury necessitated move for Gooch and we’ll never see him at LB against the top half of the table.

  9. yeah – it’s a concept a lot of gringo’s dont understand.

    You’ll be told they love EPL and ‘it is the best’ and you find out they are Man U or Arsenal fan (which is fine)..but, not every team in EPL is that good. Not every team in dutch league is Ajax or PSV (or recently Twente).

    This is equivelent to Man City vs West Brom – go ahead and try to convince yourself West Brom is ‘watchable’.

    What you get with dutch league is an open style of play. Most teams play 4-3-3 home and 4-4-2 away. You just dont see that at div 1 level anywhere but here.

  10. this is the last thing i ever expected to see, massive gooch at left back. but hey, he looks more comfortable than bornstein thats for sure

  11. MLS is one of the only (top division) leagues I’ve ever watched in which all the teams are on approximately the same level. And Heracles are 20 points below Twente in the table.


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