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Recapping the MLS Draft



The 2011 MLS Draft has come and gone and as great a day as it was for many teams, the whirlwind of transactions might have been a bit overwhelming for folks to keep up with.

Here is a quick rundown of SBI's coverage of last week's MLS Draft:

My Fox Soccer piece on the 2011 MLS Draft Winners and Losers

SBI's 2011 MLS Draft Recap


D.C. United

Chicago Fire

Chivas USA

Houston Dynamo

New England Revolution

New York Red Bulls

Philadelphia Union

Portland Timber

Seattle Sounders

Vancouver Whitecaps

(We tried to secure videos with as many teams' picks as possibly, but were only able to put together video interviews with draft picks from 10 of 18 teams. I will be providing a closer look at the drafts for all 18 teams in the coming days.)


What did you think of the 2011 MLS Draft? Happy with your team's selections? Disappointed? Who was the steal of the draft? The reach of the draft?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The talent pool gets better and better each year. There are still some quality players that should go in the Supplemental Draft. There is enough talent to fill 3 good rounds. They should have done it all in 1 day.

  2. Think youre being a bit harsh on TFC. We dont have to discuss the 8th pick trade fro Sturgis. I know you value the draft to be high which is fine. I personally would rather see a player that can contribute right away.

    We can differ on that but TFC’s FO has regularly stated that they are not picking up a piece of Barrett’s salary (it was a salary dump). As much as Barrett was a hard worker, he was slated to make 300k this year whihc is far too much for a man that doesnt score. I do like Barrett and i hope he does well (i kinda feel like he will, like BUddle did, they got good service in LA). That being said 300k could definitely be used better else where.

    Im ok with this draft for TFC, in the past with ‘better’ drafts (or drafts that were held in higher regard by plaudits such as 2009s) rarely did the picks turn out to be that effective (Obrien White?! Cronin was ok but not amazing). It was a crap shoot to begin with and we got some prospects. I wouldnt say we did terribly. To be honest ill be impressed if there are ANY stand outs with any teams judging by what people said about the players involved (and from what people saw from the combine).

  3. As a Sporting KC fan I was happy with what the team picked up in the draft. I was a bit surprised that they went with Sapong with their first pick but what I saw in the combine games from him I really liked.

  4. No comment to make on the draft other than to say the Soccer by Ives coverage was incredible. Just fantastic stuff that I, as an MLS fan, really appreciate.

  5. We will see on the draft on a team by team basis.

    I am excited about the talent that MLS is able to sign, year after year. The league has really benefited from it.

    I am also excited about the way that SBI covered the draft. If you are US soccer fan and not reading SBI, you are missing the boat. Period.


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