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SBI Live Q&A (Jan. 17th Edition)

Good evening folks. It's that time again. Time for you to send me your soccer-related questions and time for me to give my take on those questions in the newest SBI Live Q&A.

There is plenty to discuss, from the recent 2011 MLS Draft, to the U.S. men's national team's upcoming 2011 opener, to the European season.

We can also talk some pop culture, whether it's new TV shows, movies or music. I'll be focusing on soccer, but as always, I'll sneak a few non-soccer questions into the mix when possible.

Let's get started. Share your questions, and read my answers, after the jump:



  1. Officially irked, how does US Fed improve its chances of keeping US born players with foreign eligibility in committing to the US system (obviously under the current FIFA eligibility rules)? G. Rossi, M. Hoyos, and who knows how many more. These guys can help take this country to the next level and we can’t keep them. I understand their decision but damn it’s frustrating.

  2. Ives Bobby Wood is a much better prospect than Doyle. Wood and Agudelo is a better comparison.

    (SBI-Agreed. The question was about upside. Wood is established, been in a pro system for years, is the better player now. Doyle is in the Derby system for six months. He’s really blossomed in that time. Wood will probably always be the better player and has the higher ceiling, but Doyle could surprise people.)

  3. Kinda missed the whole live thing but funny question? if you had to make a soccer team out of the jersey shore members where would you put them?


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