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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Jermaine Jones 3 (Getty Images) 

Jermaine Jones is set to make his English Premier League debut for Blackburn against West Bromwich Albion in one of today's key matches to watch.

Jones joins Blackburn on loan and should slide right into the starting lineup for a Rovers side currently in 12th place. He won't be the only American central midfielder in action, with Michael Bradley and Borussia Moenchengladbach facing Bayer Leverkusen.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV schedule is after the jump):


 6:30am- Fox Soccer Plus- Udinese vs. Inter Milan

8:30am- VVV Venlo vs. PSV Eindhoven

8:30am- Fox Soccer Plus- Queens Park Rangers vs. Coventry City

9am- Fox Soccer Channel- Sampdoria vs. Juventus

9am- Bologna vs. Lazio

9am- AS Bari vs. Napoli

9:30am- Borussia Moenchengladbach vs. Bayer Leverkusen

10:30am- Fox Soccer Plus- Fulham vs. Stoke City (Replay)

11am- Fox Soccer Channel- Blackburn vs. West Bromwich Albion

11am- GolTV- Sporting Gijon vs. Atletico Madrid

11am- DirecTV- Real Zaragoza vs. Deportivo La Coruna

11am- DirecTV- Getafe vs. Espanyol

11:30am- Brazil vs. Bolivia (CONMEBOL Under-20 Tournament)

1pm- Real Madrid vs. Mallorca

1pm- Telemundo- Toluca vs. Jaguares

1pm- Azteca America- Puebla Estudiantes Tecos

1:40pm- Ecuador vs. Paraguay (CONMEBOL Under-20 Tournament)

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- AC Milan vs. AC Cesena

2:45pm- Nice vs. Olympique Lyon

3pm- Villarreal vs. Real Sociedad

5pm- Univision- Club America vs. Tigres UANL



  1. “Nasty = placing mental or physical warfare above the beautiful game.”

    My guess would be most pro athletes everywhere would be nasty by your definition.

    And Jones isn’t necessarily a hothead. A hothead would get so many cards he couldn’t function. The proof is in his long record. You can’t do your team any good on the bench. Jones is obviously is skilled enough to skate a fine line.

  2. Okidoke. Nasty = placing mental or physical warfare above the beautiful game. Nigel De Jong might be nasty, what with all the broken legs in his wake. I don’t know that Jermaine Jones is, but like the Migster I hope he’s not. Especially since he’s pretty good — which is what the MNT actually needs, not hotheads.

  3. Please define what you mean by nasty.

    Playing defensive midfield in the Bundesliga (or any top league)often requires the player to do a lot of things that may get you a card or worse. Donovan is not in that situation.

    “Like Mig22, I don’t want a guy I’m supposed to root for to be a jerk.”

    That is all well and good but the USMNT is hardly in a position to be so noble. Beckham once said that a few years ago when the US played England at Wembley some of the US players were literally quaking in their boots. I’ve always loved Clint Mathis and Frankie Hedjduk because, unlike some of their compatriots, they never once believed the US wasn’t good enough to kick some butt and it showed in how they played for the US.

    Well, they aren’t around anymore and Donovan and Dempsey, our two best players by far, aren”t that kind of fiery leader.

    More to the point, neither you, nor I, nor Mig 22 have any idea what Jones is like in real life. He seems to be very well liked by the guys on the USMNT and that is all I care about. By the way, they say De Jong is a great guy off the field. And, do you really want to make moral judgements on a person’s worth and on what a person is really like based on the gossip you read on the internet? Really?

    For all we really know Donovan is a real slimeball in real life.

    I don’t know if you ever got to see Pele play. I did a number of times and, on the field, he was far from the nicest guy. He was a real nasty piece of work and believed in an eye for an eye. The great ones, they were all really hard.

    If you want the USMNT to get better, and they seem like the nicest group of guys around, they are going to need some of that because they sure don’t have it now. Do you think for a minute that Puyol of Barca and Spain is a nice guy on the field? All the teams in the World Cup semifinals had their enforcers.

    I don’t care if Jones is a metaphorical axe murderer, I’m tired of the big teams seeing the US as guys they can push around.

  4. I suspect he was disagreeing with the premise that being “more than a little nasty” and playing “with a big chip on his shoulder” is exactly what the national team needs.

  5. 90 minutes and 13 minutes of stoppage time later… it goes to penalties. And they decide to use the hornet-infested goal for them. Ok then.

  6. Edge does not equal nasty. There’s a statistical correlation between the two in the population, but they’re not the same thing. Donovan has a nice edge to his play at times, but I can’t recall any nasty, ever. Like Mig22, I don’t want a guy I’m supposed to root for to be a jerk. Much more admirable to be a Jackie Robinson who excels despite jerks around him, rather than stooping to their level.

  7. Panama/El Salvador Copa Centroamericana 3rd place match has been stopped again due to hornets taking over one of the goals. The entire goal and surrounding area is being sprayed with a fire extinguisher. All the players and the referees are now lying face down on the field trying to avoid inhaling the cloud of chemicals enveloping the field.

    There’s going to be a LOT of stoppage time.

  8. In those two friendlies he severly outclassed every player in terms of passing including Dempsey and Holden. And it is not just those two friendlies he has been doing for a good while in the Bundesliga.

  9. You’ve obviously only watched him for those 2 friendlies. I’ve been watching him play in the Bundesliga since he was at Frankfurt, and I know what he can do with the ball at his feet. If you’re going to question somebody else, at least have extensive knowledge about what you’re questioning.

  10. +1 absolutely the best passer we have. people on here have some weird stuff going on with jones. it’s like rush limbaugh and donovan mcnabb.

  11. Can’t tell if you’re bing sarcastic or not. “He’s the most skilled passer of the ball in our ENTIRE pool.” Based on what? Two whole CAPs? Let’s be reasonable.

  12. But…he does all the things you listed. Did you miss the October friendlies? He’s the most skilled passer of the ball in our ENTIRE pool. I don’t know why people don’t understand that.

  13. That’s a well written and interesting take on the situatation, GW. I agree about the edge being needed and hell, Jones might provide that kind of grit. We shall see. Frankly, given his age this discussion may be moot if he has any injuries. Enjoy the day.

  14. Looking at the comments about JJ, I have no idea if he is a dirty player, but the USMNT needs some hard men. That’s what I love about Dempsey. We need a few guys who other players are scared to go up against. Onyewu had that for a brief minute. I don’t want us to be dirty and we don’t need any De Jong-like thuggery, but a good dose of nasty will serve the USMNT well.

  15. I disagree. We need players who get on the ball, pass it quickly, and who read the game to cut out passes.

    Rash challenges at the international level mean your team plays with one less man on the pitch.

  16. Man oh man am I craving some more Bradley news after checking out that link. Daily Mail has Sunderland linked to Spurs’ Pavlyuchenko. I believe they could definitely get Pav and Bradley for the 24m pounds they acquired from selling Bent. In fact, I think they could probably still have some left over depending on what Pav goes for because BMG has said it will let Bradley leave for ~3m pounds

  17. The US needs more players with an edge like Jones. I can see why you think he’s a bit of a thug but if you think he’s bad, or for that matter if you think De Jong is bad, there are and have been worse guys out there.

    The Bundesliga is a very hard and nasty place to play and one of the roadblocks the USMNT may eventually face is the German team. Most of the times in the past when we have played them I have alway felt it was like the JV playing the varsity, and I’m not talking about the talent level or anything other than the fact that the Germans take winning very seriously, much more seriously than the USMNT.

    So if Jones can bring any of that to the US team they can absolutely use it. We don’t have to bring Jones home to your mother or even hang with him but the US has needed someone to take charge of the midfield and to let other teams know we will not be pushed around. If it takes a psycho like Jones then so be it. Winning at the international level is about a lot more than just talent.

  18. Someone tell me how Jones looked on the pitch today please. How was his passing, tackling, and positioning/ tactical awareness?


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