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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Clint Dempsey 2 ( 

Clint Dempsey and Fulham aren't challenging for a European place, and are more concerned with avoiding relegation, but the FA Cup is still the club's best chance at glory and the Cottagers will need to knock off mighty Tottenham today to keep that dream alive.

Fulham-Tottenham headlines the day's FA Cup offerings, with Arsenal taking on Huddersfield Town in a battle of powerhouse vs. minnow.

Serie A has plenty of action, with Scudetto challengers Napoli and Roma both in action, along with Inter Milan.

If you're up for some nostalgia, Sao Paulo takes on Santos today in a clash of Brazilian powerhouses, and in a match that should feature the Sao Paulo debut of legendary Brazilian star Rivaldo.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


6:30am– Fox Soccer Plus- Brescia vs. Chievo Verona

7am– Fox Soccer Channel- Arsenal vs. Huddersfield Town (FA Cup)

9am– Fox Soccer Channel- Inter Milan vs. Palermo

9am– Bologna vs. AS Roma

9am– Napoli vs. Sampdoria

9am– Fox Soccer Plus- Notts County vs. Manchester City

11am– GolTV- Atletico Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao

11am– Bordeaux vs. Nice

11am– Nancy vs. Montpellier

11:30am– Fox Soccer Channel- Fulham vs. Tottenham (FA Cup)

11:30am– Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Borussia Moenchengladbach

1pm– GolTV- Osasuna vs. Real Madrid

1pm– Azteca America- Morelia vs. San Luis

1pm– Telemundo- UNAM Pumas vs. Monterrey

2:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Juventus vs. Udinese

3pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Monaco vs. Marseille

3pm– Espanyol vs. Villarreal

3pm– GolTV- Santos vs. Sao Paulo




  1. Well first off, my bad -100000 for not taking into account that you said before Mourinho leaves.

    But for you to “guess” I don’t watch many Spanish league games is not only wrong it’s a pretty poor attempt at you trying to guess what I watch.

    La Liga is my favorite league, closely followed by EPL because of the US nats and then Serie A for top 8 teams and Love Bundesliga.

    Higuain is the only guy on that roster that has consistently scored when the team has been under pressure, not that he’s always done it because for example vs Lyon AT HOME in last year’s CL match, he missed a kind of a sitter hit the pole I think.

    Last guy to score on Barca too!
    Benzema & Ozil can’t even run with Osasuna or Villareal, they will get schooled by Barca among others. Think what you want, reality is this team blows some easy teams, but then struggles vs Almeria? And gets calls 8 out 10 times every game in Spain

  2. All of the posters below are talking out of their a$$!!!

    After a couple of back to backs about two months ago, Salcido was rested, and incredibly his sub, I think his name is Baird scored two goals on that match. So obviously they thought they had found the chicken that lays the golden eggs. But obviously that was just a fluke, and after a several lackluster games the trainer reverted to him, and after today’s overall performance from the whole team he’ll no doubt hold on to this starting 11!

  3. Agreed. It starts with the front office — I am tired of all the coaching changes. Valdano and Perez do not seem to know much about how to assemble a balanced team. Has there ever been a top five club that went into a season with only two (one and a half?) viable forwards?

  4. Madrid can certainly beat any team at any time. My problem with the team is that, unlike Barca, the team seems to be in constant flux. The core of the team changes every six months and it takes time for a team to gel.

  5. A) Note the adverb “hopefully” and B) where did I say “this season”? Unless he is fired, Mourinho will stay for a second year. His ego will now allow him to leave without winning trophies.

    They are capable of beating every team on the planet, Higuain or no Higuain. Their problems are purely the result of mental lapses and a lack of cohesion.

    My guess is that you are a Barca fan who watches very little Spanish soccer and none of Madrid’s games.

  6. One game does not a great player make. Bornstein shut down Messi so bad in the 2007 Copa America that he moved to the other side in the second half.

  7. Ummm they’re struggling against weaker teams in La Liga and were inches away from being tied at halftime vs Atletico, what makes you think Real has what it takes to beat the teams should face in Champions League after and IF they beat whomever they play in the round of 16 for a change since they haven’t done that in like 8 years? You really think they can beat the likes of Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man Utd, Barcelona, Marseille or even AC Milan in a home and away match up with no Higuain? Adebayor who has like no CL experience and a bad rift between Mgr and Club exec?

    They’ll probably beat Atletico at the Bernabeu but they can’t beat Barca in that Spanish Cup Final

  8. I believe they won the league last year…. But I am reading the same and was about to see if Ives knows anything….

    And I know, but Freddy Adu has been moved to Rizepor in Turkey as well.

  9. Devastating loss for Real Madrid today. 7 points behind Barca now and I don’t see a way back. I wonder if the ongoing clash between Valdano and Mourinho is taking a toll. Regardless, no excuse. Hopefully they can win the Copa del Rey and Champions League before Jose heads back to England.

  10. Lots of stories coming out of Turkey in the past 24 hours alleging Altidore may be on his way to Bursaspor. Don’t know how I feel about this just yet. As long as he gets some quality PT, I guess… But I remember saying the same thing when he was off to Hull last year…

  11. Nah, he’s just selfish. He basically never plays the ball first time, always taking an absurd amount of touches before either losing it, or playing a dead-end pass into traffic. He is more than happy to let everyone else make runs off the ball to open up space for himself.

  12. It be safer on the field in Egypt than being on the field in Algeria. Don’t forget the soccer rivalry those 2 countries have.

  13. Oh and there is way more vitriol towards Dempsey, than praise historically speaking. Why? May be more to do with the fact he looks slow when he plays, then him being American.

  14. Gutted about Nasri. He’ll likely miss Barca, making Mission Impossible even more so.

    Also worried that it always takes Cesc to get us up off the mat. If/when he’s not available, we are not even close to being the same team.

  15. I heard he was approved for everything, but had to come back to the states to finalize the paperwork. I’m looking out for him too, can’t wait to hear about him playing.

  16. Thanks for that link. Coach spoke pretty well of him, though one of the first things he said was that he’s not in great shape. That’s unfortunate, since Gale is an athletic monster; if he could have found a way to show up in game shape!

  17. Are you tuned in now — a while they’re talking about what a bargain Dempsey was? I”m sure you can tweak you’re theory to encompass this….

    Why do people invest.waste so much emotion and energy into complaining about game commentators?

  18. Anyone else notice how often Dembele ignores Dempsey? It’s like he knows Dempsey will finish and he threatens his job security or something. Just speculation


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