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Cascadia clubs to hold preseason summit at Sounders’ facility

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Soccer fans in the Pacific Northwest won't have to wait until the regular season starts to see their teams face off against their regional rivals.

The Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps (and their fans) will come together March 4-6 at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, Wash., where Seattle trains, for a weekend-long summit that includes preseason matches against each other.

Seattle and Portland kick off the series of games with a match at 7:30 p.m. on March 4 at Starfire's main stadium. Seattle has played all but one of its home U.S. Open Cup matches at the stadium, which holds around 4,000 people. 

Portland and Vancouver play March 5 at 5 p.m., and the Sounders and Whitecaps finish off the weekend with a match at 3 p.m. March 6. Before that is a noon match between the Sounders FC U-18 Academy and the Whitecaps Residency developmental club. 

Additionally, there will be forums involving the coaches from each MLS club and their supporters groups beginning at 1 p.m. on March 5. 

Tickets are $10 for each day and go on sale February 1 at or by calling (800) 745-3000. There is a two-day Sounders FC package for $18 that is good for both Seattle matches. No ticket is necessary for the Supporters/Coaches Forum.

Portland and Vancouver supporters will each be allotted 500 tickets in specific sections for their matches with Sounders FC. For the Whitecaps-Timbers match, each group will be allotted 1,300 seats, with 500 for Seattle fans.


  1. What a “big draw” means is relative. I’m sure that the seattle portland game would draw at least the 18-20k that we got last preseason. I’d still rather 4k at Starfire than 18k at Qwest though.

    I also have an ulterior motive. I’m hoping that the ECS folks and the Tiber army take this as an opportunity to sit down and have a beer together when a little less is on the line. I can dream right 🙂

  2. Also,

    I am almost always extremely over the top civil on boards like these.

    But guys ripping on excited MLS fans, especially Sounders fans, who they claim are soooo annoying…..

    SHUT UP. seriously. We get it. You are jealous or don’t want MLS to succeed, or something. We don’t care.

    Thanks for the article Jose, you have been great journalist for soccer in this country. Ives was smart to snag you.

  3. Man, someone please explain the Sounders infatiuation with having games at a “stadium” ( barely ) that is too WAAAY to small for the projected attendance.

    Higher ticket prices. No. Charging $10, like last year when they sold 18k.

  4. Right,.. just like Hopper said.

    Once MLS dipsh*ts gave up on their contrived NBA style of forcing teams into taking on massive debt/taxpayer funding to build SSS then the PNW -with all its RICH Soccer history and great fans- would be welcomed to help revive a stagnant MLS.

  5. With a spanking new MLS team, new and exciting signings like Nagbe etc, I imagine that Portland and Whitecap fans could muster 5,000 each before a Seattle fan buys a ticket. But I defer to those from the region who think it is not that big a draw.

  6. Timbers gotta lose that “crest” pronto. When Seattle’s and Vancouver’s make yours look bad, you know it’s a bad situation

  7. Games at Starfire are great. The fans are much closer to the game and packed 4,000 is a great time. Qwest would feel empty and cavernous with 6,000. I was at Portland/Seattle preseason last year at Qwest and it had that empty feeling with 6-7k.

  8. …which considering the respective club’s USL attendances, anyone from the Seattle MLS fanbase calling anyone from either Portland or Vancouver “posers” is really sort of the ultimate in unintentionally funny irony.

  9. True. But I’d say a Blazer game is not your typical place to find soccer fans. So soccer is “catching on” to the whole public, not just a niche sport audience.

  10. As someone who is not a fan of any team in the Northwest, I must say I hope you know your stuff “The Dude.” There are so many ways to look at the rivalry that will be, but even tho seattle has been an mls team first, know that these fans bases are great just like yours, and portland has been the best in terms of supporting a team no matter what the league/division. Seattle SHOULD be ahead in terms of its actual soccer team, especially with the money that the ownership in seattle has. just make sure you respect that Portland and vancouver aren’t “posers” like i see many seattle fans trying to say. they have earned their support. just like seattle did after they learned so much from toronto

  11. Maybe part of it is nostalgia, but I love games down at Starfire. It’s a smaller venue and it draws a fun crowd. I don’t think they’d have enough people to come close to filling the bottom bowl and qwest so I’d rather have it at a packed 4k person stadium than a half empty 30k person one.

  12. I think Vancouver and Portland are going to get a sense of how far they are behind Seattle during these preseason games. I wonder if Portland will even have a midfield by then? And will Vancouver have any forwards?

  13. This move by the Cascadia group is just genius. They are really going to make the must of the rivalry and make it pay off for all three. What a great preseason opportunity for fans who don’t want to wait for late March for live soccer.

  14. They might be able to draw a few more, but it would not be worth the cost to hold at qwest. Keep in mind it is an exibition game and many non regulars will be used.

  15. +1 man

    the better the atmosphere and crowds in the MLS the better the league looks/is.

    I am f’in JEALOUS of the atmosphere of the leagues abroad.

    Anyway, Go Gunners, Wigan is not Athletic!

  16. Why a 4,000 seat stadium? Surely these games would attract big crowds with a suitable venue. Surprised they do not want to make money, or cater to their fans.


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