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Spector and Clark thrive in new roles

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It wasn't too long ago that Jonathan Spector and Ricardo Clark were among the list of American players struggling for minutes in Europe, but they each have seen their fortunes change over the past month.

Spector has seen a position change from fullback to central midfield spark a renaissance, with Spector scoring goals and earning regular starts for West Ham United. Clark had managed just 16 minutes of playing time through the first four months of the Bundesliga season, but he has now started two of three matches and has made the most of the opportunity. He also saw a position changing, doing extremely well in central defense in Eintracht Frankfurt's 1-0 loss to Hamburg.

Here is my Fox Soccer piece on Spector and Clark, who have turned their seasons around and have American fans wondering what roles they will play on the national team going forward.

Give my story a read and share your own thoughts on Spector and Clark's recent success. Surprise by how well Spector is doing in central midfield? Think Clark could develop into a top centerback option?

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  1. “is now arguably behind Lichaj in line of succession for Steven Cherundolo (although Lichaj isn’t getting too much playing time at the moment either). ”

    Lichaj is 20 and has 3 EPL league games to his credit. He also appears to be going nowhere fast at the moment.

    Do you know how many EPL league games the last designated “successor to Cherundolo” had when he was 20? That would be the 19 games Spector played between Man U. and Charlton. He was doing well then and was highly regarded. Certainly more so than Lichaj is now. Notwithstanding his recent revival, Spector has certainly had an inconsistent career.

    Y’all might want to remember that when you crown Lichaj, 20 year old proud owner of 3 EPL league games, as heir apparent to Cherundolo.

    US fans sure do love to designate successors for Cherundolo. He’s probably getting a complex about it.

  2. Clark said afterwards and Bradley confirmed it, that BB pulled him at that point( 31st min.) because Clark ahd had gotten a yellow right after the first goal and BB felt the possbility of a second yellow was hampering Clark’s play.

    The move worked in that the US dominated the second half. Too bad they couldn’t score.

  3. The goal that everyone blamed Clark for in the Ghana agame was a total breakdown by the defense.

    Watch the replay.

    Clark lost he ball, yes, but he lost it at almost the halfway line. Boateng was then given a royal escort by Demerit all the way to the edge of the penalty box; Jay was even kind enough to helpfully partially screen Boateng’s shot.

    Even though it was a partially screened, it was on the near post, and Howard, who should have been following the play all the way from the halway line was badly positioned. You aren’t supposed to let in near post goals from the edge of the area.

    You could blame Clark for his pathetic giveaway but you could also blame Demerit for his pathetic defense on Boateng. You could also blame Howard for his awful performance on a shot he should have stopped.

    A great keeper would have.

    Clark was bad but Demerit and Howard were equally pathetic.

    Take your pick. Total team breakdown.

  4. The Midfield is packed so anyone who say’s that we may never see him there again, i completely agree.

    Bradley wants a speedy option at CB. Edu is better suited as a real box to box midfielder because of his attacking abilities and his reluctance to play CB.

    Clark is someone who loves to play defense. He wont give the opposition anything. It’ll be a happy smooth transition for him to move over.


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