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2011 MLS Schedule unveiled


Major League Soccer unveiled its full 2011 schedule on Thursday, less than five weeks before the season is to kick off.

The season begins on March 15th, when the Los Angeles Galaxy visits Qwest Field to take on the Seattle Sounders. That opening match was revealed weeks ago. Among the more intriguing matches revealed on Thursday, here are some that stand out:

April 9th- Philadelphia Union vs. New York Red Bulls

May 1st- FC Dallas vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

May 7th- Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls

May 14th- Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers

June 11th- Seattle Sounders vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

July 10th- Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders

August 20th- Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

August 28th- New York Red Bulls vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

September 24th- Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Seattle Sounders

September 29th- Philadelphia Union vs. D.C. United

October 14th- Colorado Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake

Here is the rest of the schedule. Here is a rundown of matches on ESPN networks, and those on Spanish-Language networks.

What do you think of the schedule? Which matches are you most looking forward to? Which matches are you think of traveling long distances to see?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Pablo Ramirez is well known for making fun of “difficult” names, frequently coming up with ridiculous nicknames for players. I’m sure he offends some people, but I think the guy is pretty funny.

  2. How do you know Columbus is not going to be good….? There is no good answer for that since this league has so much parity. Did anyone really think last year that Colorado would win the cup?

  3. Waking up at the 5 or 7am for EPL matches certainly sucks, but it means the matches don’t cut into my plans for the rest of the day. That, or if the result is upsetting enough, I can go back to bed. Excited for the Cascadia derbies in the spring/summer, thinking I might have to make some away matches.

  4. they will have FSC or versus. There’s no way MLS would only go with Spanish and the odd ESPN games. Its just a deal that hasnt been reached yet.

  5. In my mind, MLS on TV is great, no matter what language it’s in. The more people watching the better.

    And even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish I don’t see how anyone can dislike the Spanish broadcasts, solely because of how enthusiastic they are. Seriously, I speak very little Spanish–I’m learning it now–but I would watch golf if the Telefutura guys were the commentators.

  6. I am more concerned about what value you think English speaking US based soccer announcers are actually adding to your MLS watching experience. Whenever Alexi Lalas comes on my TV I wish I didn’t speak any English. Then I could just sit their and laugh at the goofy man with red hair and imagine he was saying something intelligent.

  7. money coming from spanish speakers and money coming from english speakers are made from the same material, so that’s why mls does it. Yet I would recommend two things.

    1. Take comfort knowing that english is not in danger.

    2. The dialogue in a game is pretty focused and not too complicated. You seem to already have some sort of foundation so finding some time to study the language would actually help you enjoy the game more as well as increase your level of education and marketability.

  8. Ok, call me a racist or anglophile or whatever you want to call me, but if a game is on galavision/telefutura I’m not going to watch it.

    I’m a 21 year old white male. I can speak some spanish (just from working blue collar jobs alongside spanish-speaking people) but it’s not MY language. I think it’s all well and good that MLS is targeting the hispanic market (i guess it’s good?), but I don’t know…I think as many games as possible should be on English-speaking channels. Or at least simulcast them on gala/tele AND FSC, ESPN, Versus

    Am I in the wrong?? Someone show me the light on this issue. Also, it should be noted that I’m from Atlanta so I don’t have a natural MLS team. so I kinda just watch all the marquis matchups which is why the ESPN schedule is the best for me. If I was, say, a die-hard DC United fan or something, I honestly still don’t think I’d watch a game on a spanish channel…unless I muted the sound.

  9. Those are FIFA international dates. I really don’t see the need for MLS to take these weeks off besides for EURO 2012 qualifying. And how many in the league are actually going to be on any European roster? I understand MLS’s need to comply with FIFA (which don’t get me wrong, is a good start), but these dates aren’t necessary yet for this league, especially in a non-World Cup year and a non-WC qualifying year too. Think of how many players are going to miss because the Concacaf Gold Cup (June 5-25) and the Copa America (July 1-24).

  10. I like it because driving to the stadium is a pain. Now I can leave way early. If I get there early, then I go eat in Ironbound. If I don’t then I eat at the stadium.

  11. Could have something to do with FIFA international fixture dates being 3 and 7 Sept. along with 8 and 12 Oct. but maybe not because there are FIFA dates on 4 and 8 June which are still MLS dates.

  12. Actually, the NY-PHI-DC matches all have one game on a Saturday an one on a Thursday night. I believe PHI has to travel to NY on a Thurs, NY to DC on a Thurs, and DC to PHI on a Thurs

  13. Nope, one of the NY/PHI games is a Thursday as well.

    It’s just interesting since there was all that talk about wanting to promote rivalries and having a rivalry week and that kind of thing, and then nothing of the sort actually happened. Weekday games are not going to get a lot of away fans, so why put rivalries in midweek?

  14. Don’t agree. I think this for the most part ESPN choose well. They highlighted the leagues stars, teams with good fan support, and what MLS would refer to as “rivalries.” They treated it like their MLB or college football schedule. Show Ohio State vs Michigan not Miami of Ohio vs Marshall. I think this schedule is much improved from last years. I am going to say right now that ratings this year will be up.

  15. i feel your pain, but lets all remember that they have to do schedules for all the teams and it an be difficult to do. It wouldn’t surprise me if both NY/PHI games are on the weekends. I think thats the rivalry MLS wants to push

  16. Please elaborate.

    I did notice California supporters got screwed if they had any hopes of traveling to Portland. LA, Chivas, San Jose all play in Portland on Wednesday nights. But I guess that’s probably not too bad for the player’s since if they’re playing midweek it’s better to not have to travel as far.


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