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Altidore’s arrival in Turkey


  1. I was stationed in Ankara, Turkey for a couple years when I was his age. Food is awesome…women are beautiful…he should have a great time if he embraces the country and the culture. They are very passionate about their football. Good luck Jozy!

  2. It always cracks me up when the interviewee gives a 10 second answer and the interpreter gives a 3 minute translation!

    “Jozy says Turkish football is superior to Italian and Spanish football, Bursa is the world’s greatest club, and he has always admired Bursa’s football and spirit, and green has always been his favorite color. Jozy says will try to score 30 goals for Bursa this season in tribute to the great Bursa fans and of course in the hope that Turkey will grant him citizenship so he can play for the Turkey national team and help Turkey win the next world cup! Jozy also invites all Bursa fans to come to his apartment to watch football on TV”

  3. At the end it sounds like the group of fans chanting are chanting “I love you Jozy! I love you Jozy!” in English, accompaning the strange clarinet and drum music.

    Anyways, hopefully this loan does Jozy some good.

  4. Standing there between the flute player and the stick drum player flashing the awkward smile, I have to think this is not what young Jozy from New Jersey had in mind when dreaming of his soccer future.

    Hopefully he’ll get some regular playing time and start scoring some goals.


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