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Aston Villa 2, Fulham 2: The Highlights


  1. I wasn’t talkin to you was I? Jk. I pointed out one facet that Torres clearly has over deuce.

    That being said, I would love to see usain play soccer.

  2. Agreed with Aaron in STL that it’s pretty cool we can be arguing over who’s a better USA player. Both are great choices.

    Also agreed that Dempsey has major cajones – but I don’t think that makes him a better player than LD. He does have a knack for scoring incredible goals at critical moments – the goal against England is a prime example – but Donovan’s pace, passing ability, and work rate make him more important to the national team as a whole.

    That said, both players are crucial pieces of the national team, and we need them both. Just so karma doesn’t punish me for picking sides here…


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