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Bunbury hurt in Sporting KC friendly (UPDATED)


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Sporting Kansas City and United States international striker Teal Bunbury was injured during a preseason friendly with the Houston Dynamo and has been taken to the hospital for tests on his elbow.

Sporting KC's official Twitter feed revealed that the early diagnosis of the injury is a dislocated elbow. If that's the case, he could be out for at least the first few months of the season, and possibly the Gold Cup as well, depending on the severity of the dislocation.

Bunbury, entering his second professional season out of Akron, enjoyed a fine rookie season and seemed to be in for a big year after his emergence in the United States' most recent friendlies with South Africa and Chile.

(UPDATE: According to the Kansas City Star, Bunbury will only be out 2-4 weeks after tests revealed only a dislocation and no break or nerve damage. Had the elbow been broken, he would have been looking at a 4-5 month timetable for a return.)

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  1. I’m definitely no expert but I’ve had the chance to watch a lot of Bunbury in KC.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize the MLS talent is a big gap from International, but I also see the athleticism that Bunbury has. His creativity combined with that athleticism makes me think he’s got a great shot to be one of the forwards we roll with.

    I think the only question now is whether he’ll be sound enough technically.

  2. I agree the list is awfully short. Right now you’d have to put Buddle and (holding nose) Eddie Johnson slightly ahead. Of course, if either one or someone else (Kenny Cooper, e.g.) tears it up in MLS this year then of course they will go, but I would look for Bunbury and Agudelo to make their breakout for the US at the 2012 Olympics.

  3. one of the reason why theres needs to be some kind of realization from the mls clubs that teams should not be playing against each other.


    Im surprised nobody on Houston or dallas got injured the way that game went…not only are they playing teams in their own leagues, they’re playing derby matches much less,……derby matches in preseason?????…cascadia teams please prove me wrong

  4. I like the cautious approach to talented prospects, but we don’t exactly have a wealth of big boys to play forward come June.

    There’s dempsey, altidore….. then everyone else. Agudelo and bunbury dont have a long list of names to leapfrog to at least make the roster.

  5. I doubt he sniffs the pitch if he even makes the gold cup roster. I like the guy a lot but the GC is for the big boys. Let’s wait for him to establish himself in MLS before we get too crazy here folks. Goes for Agudelo too.


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