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Chelsea vs. Manchester United: Who will win?


Defending EPL champions Chelsea and current first-place side Manchester United face off on Tuesday in a battle of English powers on Fox Soccer Channel. A United win would push the Red Devils closer to a championship while a Chelsea victory would give Carlo Ancelotti's men a sorely needed boost into the Top Four.

Our question is the same one posed in the video above. Who will win? Who do you see winning Tuesday's crucial clash?

Share your prediction below.


  1. Get real people! Chicharito is not ready for prime time. He’s scored 9 Premier League goals against bottom feeder teams like Wigan(3), Stoke(2), West Brom(2), Wolves, Blackpool. He’s a great PROSPECT but when you are playing one of your biggest rivals away from home, you have to go with the PROVEN players. Berba has 19 goals, enough said. Rooney has been on fire the last 4 EPL games with 4 goals and 2 assits. And don’t even bring up that he scored a goal against Chelsea in the Communtiy Shield…hahahaha!

  2. I agree with ChiChi and Berba up top. But rooney should not be on the bench.

    He should play as a withdrawn forward, almost like a center midfielder. His ball distribution is what is creating chances for ChiChi and Berba.

    And his work in the middle is far more precise than anyone else Sir Alex can put at midfield right now.

  3. I will win. Despite having a career fair at 3 PM, I will be listening to TalkSport on my iPhone radio app.

    Chances I get a job offer: 10/1.

    Chances I listen to the game: 1/1.

  4. Manchester United. This isn’t their best season, but Chelsea has looked so out of form lately, not to mention that one of their star players seems to enjoy shooting people (too soon?). It pains me to root for the Red Devils, but I just can’t stand the Blues and don’t think that they have it in them to fight for the win.

    I have mixed feelings whenever Chicharito steps on the field. It’s one part awe, one part “oh s*** he plays for Mexico too.”

  5. LOL. Never thought I would ever read ‘the EPL is a boring league’ … immediately followed by ‘I’m ready for MLS…’

  6. Man U will tear apart The Blues. The Blues are in shambles. Tottenham will stay ahead of them. Watching them tumble has been great

  7. manchester united without a doubt. chelsea haven’t been playing well, and manchester united have been riding a good wave of momentum excluding their loss to the wolves. its definitely playing out to be a man u victory.

  8. Honestly, I don’t care who wins. The EPL is not a very entertaining league in my opinion. I’m just ready for MLS action followed by the Gold Cup.

  9. I like Chicharito to start, Man Utd needs him as they just have not been able to slice open the opposition with enough predictability. Chicharito is a classic striker who will take that one mistake or opportunity and turn it into a goal, not an AOG. Single minded.

    They also might want to start the top scorer in the league, Berbatov. Just sayin’! I’d start Rooney on the bench (sorry mate!)

    Chelsea always have the potential to beat any team, but they need Drogba to be healthy and in form. Drogba is not just an amazing forward, he gives the blues heart they so often seem to lack, but only when he is “on”.

    United isn’t as good as they should be this year, but they have immense heart and belief that sees them to victory whether or not they deserve it. It’ll be a scrappy game I bet, but unlikely Manchester United will lose it

  10. i think chelsea will win or it will be a tie.

    manu doesnt have good away form and against a team as good as Chelsea i dont think they can win.

    and as a fan of Torres, i hope he opens his score sheet tomorrow!

  11. AS a Spurs fan, I’m definitely rooting for Man U. Have to keep that lead up on Chelsea for the fourth spot. It pains me to have to root for either team though. Man U is in better form right now.


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