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CONCACAF Under-17 Final: Your Running Commentary


The U.S. Under-17 men's national team faces Canada tonight in the CONCACAF Under-17 Championship Final in Jamaica (7pm,

The Americans will look to win their first CONCACAF Under-17 championship since 1992, though it should be noted CONCACAF hasn't crowned a champion since 1996.

The Final is being shown on as well as on the CONCACAF website. If you will be watching tonight's final, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (and share your thoughts below).


  1. Don’t know about the world cup chances, but Canada looked better the the US in the first half by a mile. Better ball control, more possession. In the second half the US still looked less skilled on the ball, but they controlled the game by keeping possession. Then in extra time obviously the US dominated and scored three goals.

  2. Canada had an easy draw and even though they beat Panama I would rate them the 3rd best team in this tournament.

    The US won this tournament with somewhat relative ease. For the most part they controlled all the games and if not for a lousy field I think they would have been even better.

    Fehr, Peolsi, Guido, Acosta and Gulley who is injured are all good players. This team showed in December against Brazil that they are capable of competing with anyone.

    I think the Quarter finals is doable.

  3. I disagree. I thought the Canada had the better play for stretches of the match. I saw too much long ball from the US. It makes me a bit pessimistic about our chance at the World Cup.

  4. Is now the time to speculate on either teams chances in the u-17 wc? Best case Canada and USA make second round. Not seeing any exceptional talent. Hopefully we each get a decent seed.

  5. Announcer was excellent.good night sweet prince. You have to love it. He overstated Canadian’s early superiority. They were more dangerous because of counters. From 30 to 35 minutes to the end of the game USA was dominant with real nice possesion. Unfortunate that Oliver will miss the first world cup game. Coach has the kids playing nice soccer.

  6. USA was far better than Canada. i do not think canada connected more than 3 passes in a row at any point in the game. They just hungin and made it hard for the US team on a terrible field.

  7. Ref really let the game be physical, and that’s why both teams have found it so hard to play the passing game. Hard to string passes together when your opponent is allowed to run through you. That and the pitch really made the game play like the stone age.

  8. First goal was a blast from about 30-35 yards out, near the left sideline. Smith hit it right in the upper 90, keeper had no chance.

    Second goal was a breakaway, Oliver dribbled around the keeper and scored.

  9. Tired legs is an understatement. These kids have all looked pretty gassed from the get-go.

    Aren’t we warned about over playing young players? Wouldn’t you think a FIFA confederation would understand that?

  10. What game are you guys watching?

    The US is stringing more passes together. Canada seems to play the direct route.

    I am looking for the passes. In a final, the game is going to be tight.

    I think some players look like they have tired legs.

  11. i’ve never been so excited for a youth game before. rodriguez is an exciting kid. he’s really big and still growing, but has good feet. i’m excited


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