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Davies to join D.C. United in Florida for week-long evaluation and possible loan


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Sochaux forward Charlie Davies is set to join D.C. United in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday for a week-long evaluation period that could end with him securing a 12-month loan deal to the club.

D.C. United announced Tuesday that Davies will join the club to get training, game time with the first team and a full medical evaluation while the team is in South Florida for part of its pre-season.

Davies has already agreed to a 12-month loan with the club, but nothing will be made official until D.C. United is convinced that Davies is physically capable of contributing at a high level.

D.C. United currently holds the top spot in the league's allocation ranking and as a result has first option to acquire Davies.

Should Davies prove to be physically capable, he'd be on loan with D.C. United for the entire upcoming season. The loan would see Davies return to the area where he suffered multiple injuries after a deadly car accident about 15 months ago.

What do you think of this development? Expecting Davies to impress and land the 12-month loan?

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  1. Jersey sales.. a big YES.

    Seat sales.. yes as well, but a smaller yes. Easilyy 300 – 1000 extra people to see CD9 play. More than that early in the season and more than that if he’s regaining form.

    I have no DC United love. In fact as one of the better MLS ever and being in the bay area i actually dislike them. But at first thought I contemplated adding a DCU #9 jersey to my mostly INTL collection.

  2. Thank God their are other people who are realistic and can think logically and can use logic.Rare qualities here…. But how dare you not live in the lifetime channel world of fawning for cd9

  3. Wow I wish I could live on your world of naiveté. I actually hve a graduate degree. I can explain what that means to you and the next poster if you’d like. So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is either a moron or 14? You guys must either be extreme Obama liberals or tea party Republicans. Name me one player who has come back from those injuries…. Ya didn’t think so…. I dealt with all that fawning u guys did when you believe that fantasy that he would make the work cup team and then screamed bloody murder when Bradley left him off. I didn’t hear any of you apologize when he couldn’t crack the reserve Souchaux side. Then you guys nearly orgasmed when he scored a sitter and announced him as back. I give you the cold splash of realism and your so entranced in your fantasy world. That isn’t backed by any medical facts and you resort to kindergarten name calling.

  4. If Davies ends up playing for DC, you can bet that I will try to watch any DC games that I can this year (I am in LA) on tv. More eyeballs on MLS games, measn that in the long run the league can get more tv money, which brings them closer to profitability along with helping them add to salaries, thus helping to raise the quality of MLS games, bringing in more fans of the game like me, which raises more moeny, which….

    I confess that I often skip MLS games on tv that don’t involve my Galaxy. I usually get my weekly fix watching Fulham, Aston Villa, Everton, Bolton, (see a pattern anyone?), as well as any top flight soccer that I can manage to see on tv, or sometimes even watch games online.

    Oh yeah, I also like watching the women’s game. It is not quite as fast paced, but they are skilled and easy on the eyes. I’m a huge Hope Solo fan, although I suspect that she is not my type….

  5. Sir, apparently reading comprehension isn’t one of your strengths. I don’t know how deduced what you typed from what I typed.

    I hate to use the phrase, but it is what it is. He’s a young person who at one point had a career full of promise. Now he’s just lucky to be alive(which is what really matters) and that promising career looks to be a thing of the past.

    Lastly, did I mention anything about him not admitting the error of his ways?

    I don’t think I did.

  6. Totally am psyched for the first time ever for MLS. I’m a late comer to MLS and I really followed it for the first time last year and am now really excited to watch like 10 or 15 different players I’m stoked.

  7. Yeah, there is a lot of risk. And to be honest, Davies was easy to like among a severly lacking list of USA forwards, but I have never rated him too high on an international level…I don’t love any of our options up top.

    But I think this is a great opportunity for DC United. I think he’s going to be motivated and has POTENTIAL to be that goal scorer the United and USA need.

    Good move.

  8. As a Galaxy fan, I wouldn’t buy a DC United Charlie Davies jersey, but I’d probably make the 3 hour drive to LA to see DC play the Galaxy if he does indeed go on loan to DC.

    I maybe go to 1-2 Galaxy games a year (broke college student), but this would probably get me to go to one more.

  9. Isn’t Mwanga very close to citizenship? I seem to remember Ive’s saying something about how its an outside possibility he’d have it in time for the gold cup


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