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Davies to join D.C. United in Florida for week-long evaluation and possible loan


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Sochaux forward Charlie Davies is set to join D.C. United in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Wednesday for a week-long evaluation period that could end with him securing a 12-month loan deal to the club.

D.C. United announced Tuesday that Davies will join the club to get training, game time with the first team and a full medical evaluation while the team is in South Florida for part of its pre-season.

Davies has already agreed to a 12-month loan with the club, but nothing will be made official until D.C. United is convinced that Davies is physically capable of contributing at a high level.

D.C. United currently holds the top spot in the league's allocation ranking and as a result has first option to acquire Davies.

Should Davies prove to be physically capable, he'd be on loan with D.C. United for the entire upcoming season. The loan would see Davies return to the area where he suffered multiple injuries after a deadly car accident about 15 months ago.

What do you think of this development? Expecting Davies to impress and land the 12-month loan?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jesus… I don’t know why I’m doing this, but….

    All decisions have consequences, but not all consequences are MORALLY attributable to a decision. Suppose cd9 hadn’t been in an accident, and instead, a fire had broken out in the team hotel.

    Now cd9 casually eats a waffle house breakfast while the rest of the team is treating their third degree burns.

    Would you be on these boards saying, “They chose to stay in the hotel. Decisions have consequences”?

  2. …and im not talking about national team, why does it always come back to that. let thee guys play a little before dropping that weight, man.

  3. Think Nagbe too, or Kitchen, or Opara.. too early perhaps but there are some other guys coming up, this is a good time for US Soccer.

  4. Would Davies really add that many tickets or jersey sales? I assume most people who know/care about Davies are already fans of their respective teams. My guess is less than 100 jerseys sold or an extra 100 tickets…maybe that’s better than I realize.

  5. Correction to my statement: “Nor has anyone implied that ‘breaking curfew’ necessarily makes an athlete a “terrible” person.”

    I obviously posted this before I saw B1879’s immature retort. 🙁

  6. Not to defend “Pedafilific Man”‘s poor word choice, but some of you may be reading more into his comment than is really there.

    “Responsible” would have been better than “blame”, but he may be merely making a legitimate semantic correction to the O.P.’s original comment that this horrible event “happened to” CD.

    No one has implied that CD hasn’t already acknowledged ownership of his decisions on that fateful night — and we may never know because that is entirely a personal matter. As a human being and a professional athlete, he owes nothing to us fans. I have never met the man, but he strikes me as someone who does not regard himself as a “victim”.

    Nor has anyone implied that “breaking curfew” necessarily makes an athlete a “terrible” person. The point is simply that he is responsible for such a decision, and that such a decision may end up leading to consequences that would not have otherwise occurred.

    There really is no need to be defensive or argumentative about this. Let’s all just wish…


  7. he’s been playing reserve soccer for a couple months now. I think the evaluation is just to get him in front of their doctors and see him do some running before they put pen to paper. Also gives DC a free paid week of his training.

  8. Didn’t Sochaux try to send him out on loan earlier in the window and he refused?

    Then he wanted to go and Sochaux wanted him to stay?

    I’m confused…

    Anyway considering he was near death, if he can even make it back to being a serviceable MLS player that is better than his docs would have guessed a year ago. If he eventually gets back to USMNT and/or Europe, it’s all gravy.

  9. I meant if after the loan to DC, he goes back to Sochaux.

    Anyways, so let’s say he plays for DC this season til November, takes a break for a while, then he rejoins Sochaux in the January transfer window. Does it matter that the 12 months technically wouldn’t be up?

    I guess my question is, is this loan a 12 month loan or more of a “til the end of the season” loan?

    Because if this loan gets all signed off on by like next week or two weeks from now, then technically it wouldn’t be up until that date next year (February something) and the transfer window opens on January 1st.

  10. I sort of don’t like how this is set up for Charlie. If he performs well, great, he makes the team and everyone is rightfully happy and glad to see him back in the US. (myself included)

    But if DC rejects him or says he’s physically unable to play at a high level, etc, it could really damage him mentally since this is one of those “this is your big chance kid” moments. There’s so much pressure on him to ” Be Charlie Davies” that I fear failure could really put a nail in the coffin of his career.

  11. Just goes back to Sochaux? You mean if DC decides not to complete the loan deal? Well, then there’s be no loan deal and Sochaux would still have him. If you mean what happens after DCU’s season, he could not play for Sochaux until the following transfer period — January — regardless of the fact that DC’s season would be over..

  12. Haha. I’m with you buddy, but lets not put the cart before the horse. There is still a lot of bricks that need to fall into place before we can even think about Danny boy in the stars and stripes.

  13. The reason you don’t break curfew is so you’re rested the next day. And in the case of somebody not playing the next day (as davies wasn’t) it’s to put the team ahead of yourself.

    You don’t obey curfew to avoid freak car accidents. Or to avoid being shot in convenience store robberies. Or to prevent being hit by meteors.

    “You hear donovan got hit by a rock from space?”

    Smug, self-righteous sbi commenter: “Psssh. He should’ve been standing somewhere else.”

  14. Last year it came out Feb 3. And it came out approximately the same time in years past. But it seems like everyone is crying about it more this year. Anyway, ETA on the schedule is middle of next week.

  15. First, even if you hate DCU, as a USNT fan you have to hope this pans out. CD is already in good shape, he’s been playing in matches so he’s ahead of all of the DCU players at this point with the possible exception of Dax McCarty. He should be able to come in and impress. If he doesn’t that indicates that either physically he’s still got a long way to go OR that there are other issues (he’s lost a step or two he’ll never get back, balance or coordination is off just a bit, some other issue that isn’t going to improve in the short term) that means he’ll never return to where he was. DCU needs a forward worthy of starting so if they pass on CD, they’re saying that they don’t think he can contribute in MLS in the foreseeable future.

    If that’s the case, you can probably write CD off for the 2014 WC. B/c he wouldn’t make the GC squad, wouldn’t be likely to start for Sochaux in 2011 and by then we’re in to WC qualifying and only a complete failure of all our forwards would give him a good chance. I don’t mean to sound like it’s that dire but given when qualifying starts, he doesn’t have 2 years to get his career back together if he’s going to be a factor for this next WC. If he’s not able to pass this tryout with DCU than he’s likely not a factor for 2014.

    As for why a 1 year loan? B/c it’s not really a loan. MLS likes to insist now that any loan have an option to buy. A standard MLS contract (and I’m aware that not all contracts are standard) is for 1 year. So officially it’s a loan but realistically it’s a loan with an intention to buy if he works out.

  16. Honestly, Davies has to be one of the best allocation uses lately. The potential for getting an extremely good player is high. But even if he never plays at a high level again, ticket sales are going to go through the roof. I am already hoping DC makes a trip to Denver so that I can go to that game.

  17. How sad how far his star has faded. He needs to do to a tryout for the crapiest team in MLS to see if he’s even wanted. Ya ya. I know it takes a year to come back from those injuries, I mean 24 months next years you guys will say 36 months and in 10 years you’ll say it takes 120 months. Are you guys still believing in JOB cOming back? Are you still waiting I. The pumkin patch on holloween for the great pumpkin? Davis is done maybe he’ll be able to be marginal mls sub someday. cd 9 is the past
    ..time to move on
    I like the Bunburry!!!!!!!!

  18. I hope and pray that Charlie passes muster with DC United, and gets his soccer life back in gear with their first team, gets playing time and continues his miraculous recovery. Best wishes to CD 9 – never give up!

  19. Its sad and disappointing that you put more thought into your Commenter name than the actual comment!

    Imagine if people like Charlie had that kind of ‘Woe is life’ attitude’?

    From tragedy back to doing something he loves, it is inspiring and nothing else. He is a person first, and a soccer player second.

    At what point has the young man dodged critics or not owned up to the incomprehensible error of his ways?

  20. Honestly, they do not.

    I had typed out about four paragraphs of a response to him, only to delete it simply because it’d be wasted effort/text on their eyes.

    You’re not alone in the realm of sanity, Jon. Others are here, too, we’ve just exhausted our responses to the blind drones.


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