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If the recent shutting down of free streaming sites has you down, and you've started to consider pay options for your internet soccer viewing, then has a great option for you this week. is offering a 7-day free trial, beginning today, with all the weekend's EPL, Serie A and Ligue 1 as well as the mid-week UEFA Champions League all on offer.

All you do is go to the website and sign-up. If you don't like the service, or aren't interested in keeping it, you can cancel at any time.


  1. I have been a fstv subscriber for a while now. I got rid of cable and fschd because it was expensive. has good quality streams in my opinion. It is not as good as HD and fsc but it is alot better than non HD. I don’t have problems streaming over wifi and a 3mbps internet connection over att. I also had MLS streaming which was nice but the video was a bit choppy which made it harder to watch. I have a win7 computer hooked up to the 42inch tv and it all works great for me. cheaper than cable.

    Hope this helps anybody wondering what it is like. Try it, its good. Better than atdhe plus you can watch after the game is over which I need.

  2. Not HD. Streaming quality is spotty at times, but good overall. You get a good number of games, but marquee games are delayed until midnight. It’s lame.

    I’ve only been subscribing for two weeks, but I’m already seriously reconsidering. Between and Fox Soccer Channel (which I already pay extra for), I don’t think the quality of justifies the price.

  3. exactly.

    (and I was being a bit tongue in cheek with my reference to “inferior soccer”–more said to the haters than something I am really worried about. 😉

  4. I would pay for FSCtv if it were any good. I wouldn’t consider the yearly price too high considering i pay(ed) 12x that for cable just to watch FSC.

    @ BlueWhiteLion,

    i also subscribe to MLStv. The level of soccer is improving rapidly, but more importantly i get to watch all the games in decent quality for $40 or so (forget exactly), with no delay, whenever i want. Good value for my money since i work night and am asleep or at work when most of the games get played.

  5. If anyone wants a reliable streaming site that has the following channels up for at 22 hours 7 days a week: Sky Sports 1-4, ESPNUK, Fox Soccer Channel & Plus, Setanta Canada & Australia then send me an email.

  6. always felt foxtv was far too high a price. I have paid for MLStv (inferior soccer and all, lol) for the last 4 years or so, through all of its incarnations.

    Would consider fox if it were around 40-50 bucks for the year.

  7. I agree as well. I recently subscribed to try to catch Mikey’s first minutes at Aston Villa. The service is a mess, and flooding the network with more viewers isn’t going to help.

  8. Ives,

    First, the illegal streaming sites found new homes. They’re still active.

    Second, your employer needs to add their streaming service on roku, boxee, xbox360, and anything else that can stream to my tv. I’m not paying sixteen bucks a month to watch a few games on a little screen.

  9. They often make the final cancel date a few days before matchday, and not the day before. Read the fine print, and beware. Their goal is to make money, not give away free viewings

  10. Ives, I didn’t know you were in the sales department over at Fox too… We both know there are plenty of free sites out there, mirror sites are put up literally minutes after shut sites are shut down.

  11. If FoxSoccer.TV created apps for the various Blu-ray players (Sony, Samsung, etc.), I’d consider the service. I would consider canceling my cable if I had easy access to Hulu Plus, FSTV, and YouTube on my TV (I could live with ESPN3 on computer only). Yes, none of my current computers have HDMI outs.

  12. For me it usually around HD quality. But can get blurry then I have to reload and it usually improves, but not always.

    Not sure why they started to delay all the big games. That is really annoying. Who wants to watch ManU vs City after you know the result. Boring enough teams as it is.

    Seems like all the games on FSC plus are on. Also most the Champions League games.

  13. Well, there goes that idea out the window.
    Maybe next time I’ll just read the comments before I waste my time on “free trial” offers on SBI.

    Great goal by Wigan just now, thanks fox soccer channel. HaHa!

  14. For those who use

    Are the matches in HD?
    How is the streaming quality?
    And do they give you access to a good amount of games?

  15. If it doesn’t ask for my credit card number then I’m going with blackburn. I hate those “free trials” where you have to cancel by a certain day or they charge you full price. So gay.

    I would be watching aston villa but Mikey doesn’t even make the bench : (
    Spector did though!

  16. agreed. it’s sad when my ipad can deliver a higher quality and more consistent stream from veetle than can on my overpowered desktop machine.

  17. Agreed. needs to get their service working instead of piling on new subscribers and pushing key matches (like today’s Manchester derby) off to midnight replays.

    Sadly it seems that even a premium-price ($14.99/mo) can’t succeed for those of us willing to pay.

  18. Just what we subscribers need. After having issues with FS.TV the last two weeks, I’m sure a huge spike in traffic won’t cause any issues with the matches.


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