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Inter Milan 5, AS Roma 3: The Highlights


  1. I don’t know, this year Juan has cost us as much if not more then Burdisso. I also, didn’t like selling Guberti, he is a quality mid we are lacking right now. All we have in midfield are squad players for depth, Greco, Brighi, Taddei, Perrotta .. even simplicio isn’t really dynamic.

  2. You’re absolutely right – I love Burdisso’s toughness, but the guy was highly overrated and was mostly valuable because Mexes was struggling with his form.

    Hoping for Roma’s sale to finally go through – we clearly need some reinforcements before next season to keep up.

  3. Serie A has been amazing this season, now that Milan and Napoli seriously reinforced in the summer and Inter made big moves in January.

    Suddenly, selling Guberti (who’s doing well for Sampdoria) to secure a wildly overvalued Burdisso (who was likely playing out of his skin last season to secure a slot for Argentina) for €8m looks like a very awful purchase for Roma.

    3 red cards in one season, and because Mexes is suspended for two matches, they’re screwed against Napoli on Saturday.

    Good thing the Yanks are taking over. Hopefully they’ll unload Burdisso after a season or two and solidify Roma’s backline.

  4. serie A rocks this year. People hate on it because it doesnt look as cool on TV, but there’s so much quality. This match was ridiculous.


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