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It’s Old School Q&A Time

Clint Dempsey 3 ( 

Good afternoon folks. While Live Q&As have become the standard on SBI in recent months I am also aware that not everybody can make it to our Live Q&A sessions so every once in a while I will bring back the old school SBI Q&A format.

Send in your soccer (and pop culture) questions and I will answer them in the coming weeks in a series of posts. Have a question about MLS? The U.S. national team? Champions League? Want to talk about Clint Dempsey's incredible year (or his penchant for black eyes)? If so, submit your questions in the comments section below.

As an added bonus, I will be selecting two questions from the bunch and I'll be sending those readers SBI t-shirts (so be sure to include your email address in the email section).

Now, send your questions my way. Let's get started.


  1. Ives, would it be remotely possible to do an Allocation Draft big board and maybe mock draft? IOW, which MNT’ers do you see coming to MLS over the next 6 months and to where do you see them going?

  2. Does Mo Edu need to move away from Rangers to a more competitive league in order boast his chances for starter’s minutes for the USNMNT?

  3. Hey Ives,

    I have been following the USMNT pretty closely for about 10 years now and I realize that they don’t really have a definitive nickname yet. There are the Ticos, the Selecao, the Azzuri, the Desert Foxes, ect.

    Which one of these do you think is the most fitting?

    The Stars and Stripes
    The Red, White, and Blue
    The Yanks
    Equipo de Todos(Everyone’s Team (my personal favorite)

  4. TSU’s football program is pretty small and won’t bring in nearly as much money. It was more of a political move towards city council to help out TSU which is struggling pretty heavily at the moment.

  5. Ives, what do you think of Brian Phillips’s work? I think he’s the best US-based soccer blogger (considering that you are a journalist).

  6. How’s this for a crazy idea? USSF finds the end of the rainbow and uses the gold to renovate/rebuild RFK into more of a SSS for both the USMNT and DCU. Seriously though, if the money were to somehow appear wouldn’t it be a great to have a strong national stadium? Use that stimulus money!

  7. Ives,

    Do you know if MLS will have a fantasy game this year? Missed it last year and the Mfls game was a little low scoring for my taste?

  8. I agree on Opara and Boss. Also, could newly drafted guys like Jalil Anibaba and AJ Soares push Ream and Gonzo as well? I’d like to see a ranking of all six….

  9. Ives, if you were to estimate, what would be your transfer valuations for the top players on the USMNT? I’m talking Dempsey, Donovan, Holden, Altidore, Jones, Agudelo, etc.

    Also, kind of a broad question here, but can you give some insight into the personalities of the various players you’ve dealt with over the years. Who is the funniest, smartest, best to interview, and worst to interview?

  10. Not according to Fulham fans, or at least those on the team website fan “forum”. most would say he ‘disappears” for long stretches of many games. Even the coach loves his goals but still has open reservations about his consistency.

    i am interested to see Ives response…..

  11. The “community shield” match up between colorado and seattle (march 9th).. Is that a trend that will be picked up by MLS or will the seattle sounder’s org. solely put on these types of matches in the future?

  12. San Antonio has one ownership group with a NASL franchise, Scorpions FC, who plan to use all profits toward funding Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park for those with special needs.

    San Antonio has another ownership group, Spurs Sports & Entertainment, that is securing a USL franchise, has a no-compete clause in Bexar County on a soccer-stadium, and has experience running multiple professional sports franchises.

    In your opinion, where does this leave San Antonio as a prospective MLS market? How large a league would MLS need to expand to for San Antonio to be a real option? And do you see MLS expanding that large? And if so, when? 🙂

  13. Ives,

    If you won the lottery, would you work as many hours as you do now, or would scale things back? Take on any new ventures? Thanks!

  14. Donovan is not more proven in a more central role…disagree. Neither is Holden., although he’s good at it. Both are vesatile.

    Real width is accomplished when the backs can overlap effectively, the biggest issue in the USMNT attack typically

  15. Who’s performance at the SB was worse, X-Tina or Fergie? X-Tina botched the words to the the national anthem (outrageous), but Fergie sounded so bad I wish she would’ve lip sync’d it. Also, who would you rather pop out the cake singing happy bday to ya?


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