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Mid-Day Ticker: Gattuso gets 4-game ban, Revs send stars home and more

GattusoJordan (Reuters Pictures)


AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has received a four-match ban for his actions after Milan's loss to Tottenham in last week's UEFA Champions League match.

Following the final whistle and postgame handshakes, Gattuso was involved in an altercation with Tottenham's bench that resulted with him headbutting Spurs assistant Joe Jordan. The two had a confrontation earlier in the match as well during which Gattuso grabbed Jordan by the throat.

Gattuso was already suspended for the return leg at White Hart Lane after receiving a yellow card during the 1-0 loss last week. With him ruled out for the next four UEFA matches after that, he would not be available until the Champions League final, should Milan get there.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


The New England Revolution has sent Shalrie Joseph and Kevin Alston home from its training camp in Florida for undisclosed disciplinary reasons, according to The Boston Globe.

Joseph, the team's captain and rock in central midfield, and Alston, one of the league's brightest prospects at right back, could rejoin the team when it returns from Orlando next week.

It's the second consecutive season that Joseph has had an incident that has caused him to miss time. Last year he had to enroll in Major League Soccer's behavioral and substance abuse program, which caused him to miss five games during the season.


If Arsenal can manage to overcome Leyton Orient in its FA Cup fifth-round replay, the reward will be a quarterfinal date with Manchester United.

The draw for the quarterfinals was conducted on Sunday yielding the following matchups:

  • Birmingham City vs. Bolton
  • Stoke City vs. West Ham/Burnley
  • Manchester United vs. Arsenal/Leyton Orient
  • Manchester City/Aston Villa vs. Everton/Reading


Ruben Omar Romano was fired as coach of Santos Laguna for criticizing and making an obscene gesture to fans after his team's 2-0 loss to Queretaro on Saturday.

Romano reacted to Santos fans' booing of his players during the home loss. His successor hasn't been named yet, but interim coach Eduardo Rergis will guide the team in its CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal first leg against Cruz Azul Tuesday night.


Do you think the Gattuso's punishment fits the crime? Worrying about the Revolution's 2011 campaign? What do you think about the FA Cup draw? How do you think Romano's firing will affect Santos Laguna's CCL chances?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You are either joking or you’re a Milan fan.

    Corluka came back to the game with a boot on, and won’t be fit for a month.

    Even if there was no contact, which is BS, rules are rules. A two footed studs up challenge is a straight red card whether contact is made or not.

  2. this guy Excellent point.You must admit I was close on the spelling of a couple of those words. I was however dead on regarding content.

  3. Didn’t Pepe get a 10 game ban for kicking someone a year or 2 ago?
    Kick a guy when he’s down vs Choke and headbutt a coach.

  4. Johnny Spector with the garbage time assist! Did a nice little chest pass on the edge of the box to set up the fifth goal for the Hammers.

  5. Nothing like a little ultra-leftist sensitivity from the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Many players in the NFL and NBA have prided themselves on being “thugs.” Crackdowns on gang connections, players who flash gang signs during games . . . get your head out of the sand.

    On the other hand, one could argue that you in fact are the one making assumptions in that you assume that a racially generic term such as “thug” automatically has racial connotations. But I won’t go there . . .

  6. LMBO. I do not blame Gattuso at my college we got this guy from Scotland and all he does is talk garbage to me when he sees me and I wanted to hit him like Gattuso did Joe, lol. So I completely understand why he did it.

  7. Wow thugs huh? Cry babies and two face hypocrites that want every call their way yes, but thugs is on the right wing extremist or good ol’ Southern Boys rhetoric and way of thinking man, try to be a bit more creative in your criticizing the refs!

  8. This just in…Gattuso just ran Jordan over with his 18 wheeler. He then scooped him up and backpacked him up to the highest point of the Italian Alps where he set him ablaze and then swung him over the edge.

    Surely he’ll receive another game suspension for this!

  9. I called Gattuso a f***king Italian b*****d when he played against Liverpool. Glad he didn’t hear me all the way from California.
    Two comments:
    4 games isn’t enough.
    Jordan should have been investigated and probably suspended also.

  10. Everyone weighing in on Gatuso and Jordan-

    You are all skipping a key detail of this story. Why were they yelling at each other in the first place? Because Flamini put a potentially career ending tackle on Corluka. Gatuso is an idiot for defending Flamini, and all the disrespectful Milan players were more concerned with getting Corluka off the field than worrying about his injury. No class. Jordan stepped up and called it for what it was, and Gatuso lost the plot.

    Gatuso’s ban is a no-brainer. Put Jordan in the stands for the return leg. My question is, how does Flamini avoid an extended ban and straight red card?

  11. Look at all the people standing up for the coach. Nobody is saying what Gattuso did is right, or even close to acceptable.

    But let’s talk about the coach.

  12. Slbyoy +1 on gatuso and +100 on De Jong. both these nondescripts should never see the field again.It’s a man’s game sure.But these two are ogres nor men.

  13. +1
    The Godfather gives no love to the Revs.

    Saw elsewhere that it might have to do with twitter/not paying for movie tickets. Stupidity.

  14. Um, the only person alleging the Italian slur is, wait for it, Gattuso’s agent! That’s rich! Even had Jordan called him this (which nobody can corroborate, apparently this agent is beyond reproach) it’s just words, not actions. Worse trash talking happens all the time. Seriously? This isn’t a church league.

  15. Whining, complaining and unsportsmanlike conduct does not = Passion

    That’s like saying De Jong plays with unmatched grit and determination.

  16. Gattuso plays with more passion than any player in soccer. Anywhere in the World right now. The hate on this blog is amazing. If they hate you they want to be you.

  17. If they have any proof of what he said I would agree. However you are innocent until proven guilty…well in civilized society anyways.

  18. Nonetheless, I think UEFA should have invited Tottenham’s assistant coach to watch the return leg at White Heart Lane from the stands.

  19. Gattuso is *a* bad guy here. So’s the Assistant Coach, who should be sentenced to sit in the supporter’s section, since he wants to taunt.

  20. As we learned with Zidane, verbal insults do not justify physical assault. I’m sure Gattuso has heard far worse.

    And, I’m not sure how Gattuso’s actions proved Joe Jordan wrong.

  21. Gattuso deserved to get suspended for the way he lost his cool – at the same time, an assistant coach has NO BUSINESS taunting and confronting a opposing team’s player. Reports are that Joe Jordan called Gattuso a “f-ing Italian bastard”…….
    But Gattuso is the bad guy in all this, not Joe Jordan…. sure

  22. This is a men’s game, Gattuso was provoked and as such provocation came he just replied, no biggie, AC Milan should overcome this adversity beign the better team.

  23. Calling Gatuso f*cking Italian b*stard is like calling him a midfielder. This guy is a perpertator not a victim. He will do something worse and more violent in the future and he will still be af*cking Italian b*stard.

  24. I don’t think there is any anti-English bias comparing the sanctions against Drogba and Gattuso. Drogba’s was not his first offense for abuse toward an offical. It was for actions directly against a match official questioning the integrity of the game. Gattuso got 4 games for being a dumb–s and attacking an opposing coach who was baiting him (according to other accounts) for most of the game. Drogba should get more time, in my opinion.

  25. Lot’s of hate for Gattuso (rightfully), but nobody seems to be going after the assistant coach for what he did.

    I believe his words were, “f*cking Italian b*stard,” and that is what started everything.

    Perspective gentlemen, perspective.

  26. So let me get this straight!! Drogba gets banned for 6 games over 2 seasons for abusive language to the official and swearing on live TV. Gattuso headbutts and grabs an opposing coach;s throat and gets banned 4 games? Yeah Platini, no anti-English bias there. If Gattuso does that on the street he’s getting thrown in lockup for the night!!

  27. “Love the the “respect” patch on Gattuso’s sleeve.”

    That’s respect for the officials (which he didn’t demonstrate much of either), not respect for asst. coaches who come onto the field to yell at players from the other team.

    I think 4 games is good. I just wish Jordan got something too for his part.

  28. Joseph missed the first day of training camp this year for “personal reasons”

    The Revs really need a mature vet to rope in some of their younger players (not that Joseph is young by any stretch of the imagination). They just really miss having a pro like Ralston around. Unfortunately most of the older guys they’ve brought in are overseas players.

  29. It’s “development”?

    The sport seems to be residing at quite a healthy state, despite the theatrics that you’re referring to.

    That said, the desent & constant pleeing towards officials is something I’d love to see cleaned up, ala the NBA (where thugs had reigned surpreme but have held that element in check by in large, since the implementation).

  30. Upon reading “Revs send stars home”, I was alarmed that my club was employing “stars”.

    I assure you there will be immediate measures to remove any potential stars, talent or servicable players on the New England Patriots…….Revolution.

    Obviously this oversight of employing stars won’t happen again. So long as my assistant continues to remind me I have a soccer club.

  31. That’s why soccer is a joke, some of the times. I can’t believe the refs didn’t take action on this guy sooner. The first time he shoved Jordan in the face he should have been ejected. Not even a foul was called.

    In the NFL, MLB, or NBA, this guy would have also been fined big money. Not small $10k fines like in soccer.

    I love the sport but its officiating and leadership at the top (FIFA/EUFA) is a detriment to its development.


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