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MLS Ticker: Dynamo signs Taylor, Red Bulls fall in Guadalajara and more



The Houston Dynamo agreed to terms with Jamaican international centerback Jermaine Taylor on Wednesday, adding yet another piece to its evolving defensive corps.

The Dynamo, who already augmented Dom Kinnear's defensive options in the offseason by signing Hunter Freeman and drafting Kofi Sarkodie, now welcome the 26-year-old Taylor.

He was on trial with the club and showed well in the preseason after Kinnear and Dynamo scouts took a hard look at him in December at the Digicel Cup, which he helped Jamaica win.

Here are a couple of more items from around Major League Soccer:


Despite carrying a 2-0 lead into the 71st minute, the New York Red Bulls fell to Chivas de Guadalajara, 3-2, in a friendly Tuesday night at Omnilife Stadium.

Dane Richards and Juan Agudelo scored the goals for the Red Bulls, but Richards was sent off in the 85th minute after picking up his second caution in a five-minute span, and Chivas won on a stoppage-time goal from Jorge Mora.

Postgame reaction from the match can be found here. Here are the highlights:



The New England Revolution have acquired 22-year-old Argentine defender Franco Coria on loan from Chacarita Juniors in Argentina's Primera B Nacional, according to The Boston Globe. The loan includes an option to buy at the end of the season.

The 6-foot Coria joins SuperDraft pick A.J. Soares and Re-Entry Draft pick Ryan Cochrane as incoming centerbacks for the Revolution, who yielded a league-worst 50 goals last season.

The Revolution is also awaiting the arrival of central midfielder Ousmane Dabo, who signed with the club but hasn't received his final visa that will clear him to join the team.


Do you see Taylor succeeding in Houston? Like what the Dynamo have done this offseason? What's your reaction to the Red Bulls result? How do you see Coria fitting in to the Revolution? Do you like the Dabo signing for New England?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Um.they were all playing. Rodgers and Nielsen out due to injury. And coundoul and miller due to international duty. When the goals came in Henry, marquez, lindepere, taino, etc were replaced by 2nd string

  2. Most of the Chivas players v Red Bulls were over 21 years old. It looks like the youngest player was 19. There really is no call for the exaggeration or dishonesty of the Guadelajera team being U17.

    Unfortunate the fell flat in the second half.
    They are a strong MLS team.

  3. While I agree he should lighten up and correct you by being a little less ummm forward, it is a bit of a brutal grammatical error. But now you know.

  4. The Red Bulls were in preseason form. All of you hating on them for losing don’t know any better. You need your feet and stamina to win the game. Their performance was acceptable regardless if they were playing against U-17 players. It be another story if they were actually match fit!

  5. NYC metro (where red bull arena falls under) isnt even in the top 10 of polluted cities in the US. so u make a valid point hehe

  6. I think you are confusing Guadalajara with Mexico City. Guadalajara is very populated, but it is populated as much as any other big city here.

  7. Taylor has shown really well in preseason, I think he’s going to be a solid signing. Dynamo needed some pace at centerback and he’ll definitely help there.

  8. Interesting that the Omnilife stadium is not located in Guadalajara, nice try. HA – one of the most polluted cities in North America — like NJ isn’t polluted.

  9. OR if u watched the game, in the 1st half, we absolutely dominated (to the point where the crowd was OLE’ing our possession). Then at half-time Chivas got yelled at for losing to a bunch of gringos from MLS and decided to start playing. Meanwhile, RBNY only arrived to Guadalajara the night before, did not have enough time to adjust to the elevation and played in one of the most polluted cities in North America.

    pretty much why MLS teams/sea level teams do not do well in Mexico…

  10. It’s pathetic considering it was their u17 vs the likes of Ream, Marquez, Richards, Agudelo, Henry. The MLS still has a lot to learn, not buying the MLS is better than MFL from Ives.

  11. Boost there game up duh. How they let 3 goals go by them. Even if it was a friendly. Also maybe mls should stop taking 2 months off so the players stop coming all lazy from there vacation.

  12. Good signing for Dynamo. Houston’s defense was aging and slow, but now looks to be younger, faster, and more athletic. In Dom we trust.

  13. If Richards keeps this up does he jump across the pond somewhere? I feel like this guy has been improving on both side of the ball in front of our eyes for a bit

  14. Guadalajara was using u-17 with 4 starters. I expected red bulls to win by 4-0 goals. When some medina dude came in chivas change. WTF how one guy changes everything?while redbulls had richards,henry, agudelo, Marquez as starters. Red bulls needs to boost it up. Chivas is one of the worst teams in Mexico at this time they have tied 4 games and lost one and won one.

  15. I’m wondering how bad their backline will be?

    They have Kevin Alston who is arguably the best right back in all of MLS, for sure among the top 2 or 3 as far as US born MLS right backs? I was surprised he wasn’t called up to camp for the January camp?

    They have AJ Soares who is a rookie but should be pretty MLS ready after 4 years in California and the Pac-10 with great competition for College Soccer. Also have Cochrane a decent guy maybe more of a back up and this dude. But wasn’t Darrius Barnes a good CB as a rookie? You would think they can find 1 guy to partner up with Soares.

    I think they signed someone for LB spot, might of been his French guy but looks like they are either halfway or 3/4’s of the way to a good defense?

  16. fischy while apologize for my lack of correct grammar lighten up man. It’s a pretty popular mistake/slang term is not like I’m completely changing the statement by the lack of an apostrophe and the wrong letters instead?

  17. The Revs are so cheap. Dado will be their best signing in years and the only reason they signed him is because he was out of contract for over half a year and thus his price go down significantly.

    As for that defender, he played for one of the worst defenses in the Argentinian Primera in 09-10. His team got relegated and through half a season this year the team has been mediocre at best. Great signing…great signing indead.

  18. Should HAVE had. Or, contracted to SHOULD’VE.

    Sheesh. I see this all the time lately, on the interwebs. What do people think “should of” means?

  19. Couldn’t of been worst than what DC put out last year at CB? Julius James was probably their best defender, that’s a horrible thought? As James hasn’t even really hit full stride of what is not exactly a big prospect for the young guy?

    Taylor is good, he’ll complement Boswell great and it give them a bit of that stingy 09 defense of Boswell, Cameron, Hainault and I forget who the RB was but now they are almost 2 deep.

    You have Eddie Robinson an experienced vet and Hainault backing up CB spots, Graye backing up Sarkodie most likely in the long term and Chabala probably backing up Hunter Freeman for the LB spot as Hunter can play on both left & right. Chabala was a starter last season and did pretty well.

    They’ll be good, a healthy Cameron in center mid with 2nd year to gel with Lovel Palmer they should make the playoffs!

  20. That back up keeper was horrible, the 1st goal he should of had although whomever #11 is he totally let Chivas #44 totally jump all over him and reverse T-bag him basically a repeat of what Castillo did to the US in the 2009 WC qualifiers when he out jumped the likes of Frankie Hedjuk and I think Marshall in the September game in Salt Lake.

    But Sutton should of saved that 1st goal, he totally had a hand in the 2nd goal which was also a blunder from Mendes, but if Sutton doesn’t come out all crazy and holds his line just a bit enough to still try to close down the angle on the attacker the ball would of rolled to him and he could of even dribbled it out to clear it! That last goal was so much bull, not sure how the ref counted the stoppage time but unless he was making up for the time lost in the beginning of the 2 minutes of stoppage when they Chivas guy got a yellow for diving, than he should of called it a match before that play happened with 57 minutes were reached.

    I hope Hertzog works out those kinks because I saw two ocassions where he didn’t use his body nor his speed when he had the guy beaten to the ball and in good position to shoot or something int he box and he just kind of killed the play. Not used to the pros or speed and style of the Mexican squad I guess?

  21. Don’t know what to make of Taylor. DC United wasn’t impressed enough last year to make a deal. On the other hand, I think Kinnear is the best judge of talent in the league — and a damn fine coach to boot.

  22. it is shocking but that guy has been on fire for about the last 2 months of last season, jamaica national games and now preseason. That goal is just sick.


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