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Must-See Goal: Wesley Sneijder



  1. Lucky or not, like Joma said – being ready for those opportunities when they come up and making the most out of it takes some skills. Not too many players would have that split-second decision to volley it and loop it over the keeper. Great goal – SCHNEIDERBLAST!

  2. A bit fortunate for Sneijder, but a nice finish nonetheless. However, he was greatly helped by poor defending (stabbing, giving too much space after the stab) and a keeper woefully out of position.

  3. I caught the video on a different site and I had the same reaction at the same time the guy who was recording it!!

    Great goal!!

  4. ESPN’s description of the goal is interesting:

    “Netherlands were having more of the play and Kuyt put his header wide from the six-yard box before Sneijder converted a simple goal in the 29th minute.

    “Theo Janssen’s pass from the left wing found the Inter Milan midfielder in the six-yard box and he slotted home into the centre of the goal.

    “Austria looked to respond and as the half wore down…”

  5. I guess you can call it lucky… the most spectacular goals are always low percentage, otherwise who would be impressed?

    Still, only a handful of people on the planet are capable of doing what sneijder just did there.


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