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Neymar stars as Brazil captures another South American U-20 championship

BrazilU20 (Getty Images)

While one Brazilian icon exits the soccer stage, a future one took another step toward entering the limelight after a stellar showing in the CONMEBOL Under-20 championships in Peru.

Neymar scored two goals in the finale on Saturday — a 6-0 thrashing of Uruguay — to capture the tournament's golden boot with nine goals, outlasting his closest competition by five scores. He also won the tournament's "Best Player" honors.

By finishing atop the table and winning the U-20 Copa Sudamericano for the third consecutive time (11th overall), Brazil clinched spots in this summer's FIFA U-20 World Cup and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Uruguay, which finished in second, will also take part in both tournaments, and Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia (the host) will each participate in the U-20 World Cup.

As a result of finishing third at the CONMEBOL championships, Argentina will not be a part of the London Olympics and will not get to defend its 2008 gold medal, which it won with this dream team.

Impressed by Neymar's performance? Do you see Brazil as a no-brainer favorite in this summer's U-20 World Cup? Surprised Argentina didn't qualify for the Olympics?

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  1. Brasil was a man down from the 6th minute during that game… judging an attacking player during a 11v10 game for 84 minutes is not a good indication of what he is capable of 🙂

  2. Yes, Brazilian teams do not always lose gracefully, but they always have such a weight of expectations and anything short of winning the world cup is considered a failure. Sadly, the beautiful game is becoming a thing of the past for Brazil. Spain is a new gold standard for the free flowing, beautiful, attacking soccer. Brazil is fast, well-organized, athletic and fundamentally solid, but Brazilian fans would be first to admit that their national team has lost much of their creativity and flair. They will be one of the favorites the favorites to win the WC in 2014, but style-wise they are not Brazil of 1970 or even Brazil of 1982.

  3. Neymar was good, but Lucas (the 18year old) from Sao Paolo was the star of the Brazil squad, he was impressive in all the games and consistent.

    Neymar needs to work on his attitude and all this fake fouls that he tries to draw is annoying.

  4. While the Brazilians play the beautiful game and have won 5 World Cups they are also the sorest of losers. Anytime they begin to get out played they resort to dirty tactics. They injured Renken because they could not deal with his game, their U-17’s embarressed themselves in the December friendly against our U-17’s when Mario Rodriquez was abusing their back line.

    They act like our NBA players at international competition with this air of self entitlement.

  5. with all due respect, dude scored 5 more goals than anyone else in the tournament, including 2 in the final. He absolutely ripped apart the US in August. He does more “just flop around”.

  6. He played against the US this summer didn’t he? The first game after the World Cup?…He scored and looked VERY PACEY and made nice runs. It wasn’t a full-strength squad for us but whatever. Kid’s gonna be disgusting.

  7. Brazil dominated Uruguay with one less player on the field most of the match. Unusually uneven game (6×0) for a final. Pitch was horrible as they played all matches on the same field.

    Neymar is pretty good but I was most impressed with the play from Lucas. There are lots of talent throughout the line up.

  8. This is why U-20 results can be deceiving. One tackle in the England, Germany, or Italy, and this kid would crumble. Obviously, he has loads of talent, but I’ll withhold judgement until he plays outside of South America.

  9. The Brazilian LIE continues….. Anyone with any knowledge of Brazilian soccer knows that referees receive special treatment to side in their favor

    Brazil has long ago shown that they will stoop to anything in order to win
    a downed Uruguayan player was kicked directly in the face, but no call!
    A yellow card given to a defender TWO minutes into the game ! Are u kidding me ?
    the” beautiful game” is a lie I will no longer tolerate

    Tab Ramos’ broken eye Socket thanks to Leonardo should never be forgotten by us fans !

  10. I finally got a chance to see Neymar last weekend for the Brazil/Argentina game. Granted, it was one game, but was severely disappointed. Kid just flopped around whining to the refs the whole game.

    Guess I should’ve watched a couple other Brazil games for a better judgment.


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