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Report: Davies might join D.C. United on loan

Charlie Davies (

Charlie Davies quest for playing time and a full recovery from the accident that nearly ended his life could bring him to the very area where the fateful accident took place.

According to the Washington Post, D.C. United is in serious discussions to bring Charlie Davies on a loan.

Currently with FC Sochaux, Davies has struggled for playing time on the club's reserve side and has yet to play for the first team this year.

A Davies loan to MLS could lead to a permanent move since Major League Soccer only accepts loan deals that have a league option to buy the player.

A move to D.C. is not guaranteed yet, with sources telling SBI that Davies still has other options in Europe. The winter transfer window is still open on some European countries, including Sweden, where Davies began his European career.

Davies was a passenger in a fatal car accident in the Washington D.C. area in October of 2009, an accident that left him with multiple major injuries. He has recovered physically from the injuries, but has yet to regain the form that once made him one of the U.S. national team's brightest young stars.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of Davies coming to MLS? Hoping he stays in Europe?

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  1. it’s just absurd to dress up this loan move with all kinds of intangible Yankee Doodle BS. The guy’s a professional, he needs to play, DC wants him. that’s the story, everything else (like saying this is a heartwarming homecoming or DC is somehow a better fit than say Chivas) is reaching. Connect that, fassy bwoy.

  2. wait CD9 almost died in dc?? nice scooop and insight man i guess he cant return to the usa either since its the country he almost died in or play soccer again because its the sport that brought him to dc.

    connecting the dots is fun,.

  3. You know I’d like to hope that he comes to DC United has a good season, springboards himself back to Europe and gets back on the national team sometime before the 2014 World Cup, but I just don’t see it happening.

    The fact that he’s coming to MLS leads me to believe that he’s no where even close to what he once was, and that he probably won’t ever get close to that.

    And if my assumptions are true, now it’s going to be even more sad because we are all going to be witnessing it on ESPN2 and FSC week in and week out, rather than just hearing about it or sitting here wondering what’s going on in France with Charlie.

    Best of luck Charlie. If you sign with DC, I’ll be there cheering you on in LA in my CD9 jersey and Galaxy scarf.

  4. if we’re splitting hairs… you have to cross a body of water and state lines to get to Harrison. BC/Chestnut Hill is almost within Boston city limits.

  5. pretty sure Davies’ family relocated to San Diego years ago, so we can scratch “homecoming” as a factor. not to mention, he almost DIED in DC.

  6. This could be a good move for both sides. Basically a rehab assignment for Charlie, and he could fit in well in DC. Benny is assembling a young, hungry team full of guys with something to prove, and that could fit Davies to a T, maybe. I don’t expect DCU to be a pretty team in the mold of the old days, but a more hard nosed, tenacious one. An English team, not a Spanish one, let’s say.

  7. Its just an option to buy not a sell on clause.smh. look at it this way it also tells a plastic if you come in play well and your parent team still has no place for you we’ll take you sometimes Players just want to be wanted.

  8. Are you sure of that? If it’s just a loan, is it possible that it’s outside the allocation process?

    Do you work for MLS or one of the teams? Just wondering how you are able to answer that with such authority….

  9. You think there are other squads sniffing around a guy who is returning from a life-threatening injury and hasn’t played first team ball in more than a year? What fantasy world do you live in?

  10. Please elaborate. What EPL rule made Carroll more costly than Villa?

    I thought it had everything to do with his marketability in England.


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