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Rizespor 3, Orduspor 0: The Highlights



  1. Yeah right. Freddy was a quality teenage player; if he can have half Dempsey’s career in a top league then he’d be a big success.

    Let’s give the ‘kid’ a few weeks in Turkish division 2 before deciding he’s a legit EPL player.

    Everyone forgets how decidedly ordinary/ineffective Freddy was in his last few shots at the USMNT. We can attribute that to rust/lack of league play, but he had – nothing – at USMNT level then.

    Give Freddy a few weeks at least please of decent play before going all over board, thanks. And even then he’s (literally) thousands of miles from Dempsey’s league.

  2. Unless it’s about moves, Donovan also has great touch, striking and passing ability with both feet, can head the ball well for a short guy. I don’t think Adu can do any of these things better than LD.

  3. What????????????? LOL

    Portugal, Scotland are helped by Benfica, Porto, Rangers, Celtic, etc. Doesn’t mean that because Rizespor could possibly win promotion to a league that has Fenerbahce, Galatasary, Besiktas means that Turkish 2nd division is better than MLS.

    And if you’re going to try and say that he is just as worthy as Bunbury, Gonzalez, Ream, McCarty, you’re crazy.

  4. Anyone here about the drama that went on with Danny Szetela I wish him the best of luck and I know Szetela and Adu can both pull it together and bring back the flairs when they are on the field.

  5. I know A2 is just bashing adu here with his scathing sarcasm, but I would actually love to see highlights of all our boys abroad.

  6. Trevor Moawad Director of Performance at IMG Academy own words:

    I’ve known Freddy for 10 years and I stay in touch with a number of players that came through the residency program.

    I think the situation with Freddy is much more complicated than people know, and when you’re going on loan it’s a complicated process. I think there are a lot of teams that have had interest but it’s not always easy to get things done or sorted out when you’re dealing with the complex world of European soccer.

    Christmas Day no one is in the weight room except for Freddy. He knocked out a three-hour workout. I don’t think he’s worried about anything other than trying to establish himself with a club in Europe.

    when you go to certain places on trial whether it’s Switzerland, Germany or Holland—some of these places he’s been in—it’s not necessarily that they don’t want him, but there are a lot of things that have to happen to play in a certain environment when you’re owned by a parent club.


  7. Turkish football system is:

    1st division or Süper Lig

    2nd division or Bank Asya 1. League.

    with that said Turkey is ranked 11th in the UEFA league standings (9th is Portugal, 10th is the Netherlands, Denmark is 14th, Scotland is like 16th). Top 3 teams in the Super lig get relegated to Bank Asya 1. League and the top 3 from this league move up. If these teams are good enough to move into the 11th ranked UEFA League it means they are better than MLS.

    We have a bunch of USMNT players from MLS so therefore yes he’s good

  8. While I was very furious with someone of Adu’s pros + cons playing in Germany, this is a great start. Though as we know we’ve been seen great starts before (even with Benfica. Arguably the best side he’s been on.)

    That said, this team is playing for promotion, if Freddy can make it, the Turkish 1st division is a very solid league. That would be an excellent test. Especially after building some teamwork and good work keeping the coach happy.

  9. Skillset means absolutely nothing when you’re too slow to outrun anyone, too short to outjump anyone and too lazy to do anything about it, not to mention he shows complete disinterest in playing any form of defense….All that said, I wish him the best of luck and would be thrilled if he had some sort of ‘rebirth’.

  10. have to agree with miguel here. adu is definitely a liability on the pitch… doesnt ever produce much for what he brings to the table.

    he’s been at how many professional teams now? 5 or 6? none of them have kept him…

    that many coaches can’t be wrong.

  11. Unless you saw a different set of highlights, I didn’t see anything that indicated Adu was asking to take the PK. I saw him gesturing for a brief second after the penalty was called, but it could have been for anything….

  12. To say that he is a headcase is moronic. Where is your proof? That’s right, you don’t have any.

    I’ve never seen Adu do anything for any team he’s played on.

    Yeah, he has flashes of brilliance every now and then but he coughs up the ball a good bit and doesn’t play defense.

    In soccer, we call that a “liability”.

  13. Because he is a headcase.

    He is undeniably the most skilled soccer player to come out of the US on the national scale in a long, long time.

    To say that Freddy Adu is not very good is just moronic.

  14. Then why is he playing in some backwater European league instead of lighting in up in the Bundesliga?

    Oh, that’s right – because he’s not very good.

  15. Any PT for Freddy is good news! I think he has talent but maybe attitude is gettig in the way. Watching some of his games with Aris I think he did well (Eddie Johnson also did well at Aris and is a EPL fringes/Championship type player)but for whatever reason the Mgr soured on Freddy. Again I think it all comes back to attitude even with the USMNT. The final thing I will say on this is that going to a 2nd division turkish team is a huge ego blow to anybody that has played in Greece, France and Portugals first division. The failed trials in Germany and Sweden (i think) and this new place might get the kids mind right once and for all.

  16. Sad really.

    Adu ahead of Jones/Bradley/Holden would be a nasty, nasty combination.

    He is easily the most skilled player in the pool by a long shot.

  17. It’s great for Mr. Adu that he has been able to live in Portugal, France, Greece, and now Turkey! I am jealous. Unfortunately (for him, not the USMNT), the only way he’ll be traveling to Brazil is as a fan.

  18. i think we just saw one of many good examples on why freddy fails to latch onto teams. Noticed how he was asking for permission to take the PK. After only one game with a team in midseason asking for duties like that, is good as far as showing confidence, however can also rub teammates the wrong way which can reflect throughout the season. Good start for him though….

  19. I would love to see Freddy finally break through, but we have to be realistic. This is the Turkish 2nd division.

    That said Freddy needs to make this work to have any chance at staying in Europe after his Benfica contract finishes up.

  20. Adu’s problems finding a team: How much of that had to do with the amount of his wages? I recognize that he isn’t good enough at the moment for top leagues, but I have trouble believing that he isn’t good enough for a spot on teams like Randers or that Swiss team.

  21. Slow down my friend. This is good news for a guy who needs his career on track. I felt he played well over at Aris, but apparently they didn’t like him there. Let’s get him a few more games and then hopefully he gets to a first division team somewhere. He’s still young, but you can only take so many punches.

  22. One game hardly means that Adu is ready to even be considered for the USMNT, especially in the Turkish second division. That said, I wish him the best this year and hope he does well.

  23. Trolltastic,

    This is Freddy Adu, who has many fans regardless of your opinion. Appreciate the geography lesson and shut your flamin’ trap.

  24. Two things – 1) It looks like some fan came on the field to celebrate the second goal and jumped on Freddy’s back. 2) It seems like Freddy was asking to take the PK. Come on son.


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