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SBI Live Q&A (Feb. 24 Edition)

Good afternoon everybody. It's time for the latest SBI Live Q&A.

Time for you to send me your soccer-related questions, and I will try to answer as many of them as I can over the next hour or so.

Let's get started (Q&A is after the jump):



  1. I thought I read somewhere the Superliga was canceled. Anyways, America said they would never participate — they have actually dropped out twice– and Chivas’ president has also stated they would not continue to participate.

  2. I believe he means that once the back ups/reserves for NY came is when the Red Bulls started to concede goals to Chivas’ reserves.

    The goalie for sure wasn’t the starter and that guy conceded the 2nd goal and had a hand in the 1st.

    They should of dominated that game for another 15 minutes and I think it would of been a 2-1 win. Can’t wait to see them in SuperLiga if Chivas makes the Mexican playoffs, same thing with America. NYRB, RSL, San Jose & Columbus could benefit from a good draw if they get games vs America and/or Chivas. Plus it would be good competition, this is all assuming that MLS will keep the SuperLiga going like they said they would?

  3. It wasn’t NYRB reserves in Guadalajara against Chivas. Unless they have become so good that Henry, Marquez, etc are now considered reserves.


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