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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Dortmund (Reuters)

Borussia Dortmund currently holds a seemingly unsurmountable 11-point lead atop the German Bundesliga, but Bayern Munich will try to cut into that lead when the German powers clash today in one of the weekend's top matches.

Dortmund has been one of the most dominant teams in Europe this season, riding a team loaded with young stars who don't have the big names that their Bayern counterparts boast, but a stingy defense, dynamic attack and brutal consistency has allowed the club to build its double-digit lead. Bayern has seen the returns of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben, but will still find it difficult to overcome a 13-point deficit. If Bayern is to make that turnaround, it must win today.

Today's schedule features several intriguing matches, including a potential Michael Bradley-Jermaine Jones battle when Aston Villa takes on Blackburn, as well as Mallorca taking on a Xavi-less Barcelona side.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


7:45am– Fox Soccer Plus- Swansea City vs. Leeds United

9:30am– Schalke 04 vs. Nuremberg

10am– Fox Soccer Channel- Wigan vs. Manchester United

10am– Fox Soccer Plus- Everton vs. Sunderland

10am– Aston Villa vs. Blackburn Rovers

10am– Newcastle vs. Bolton

10am– Wolverhampton vs. Blackpool

Noon– Fox Soccer Channel- Aston Villa vs. Blackburn (Delayed)

Noon– Fox Soccer Plus- Wolverhampton vs. Blackpool

Noon– Wigan vs. Manchester United (Delayed)

Noon– GolTV- Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla

Noon– DirecTV- Sporting Gijon vs. Real Zaragoza

Noon– DirecTV- Espanyol vs. Real Sociedad

1pm– Arles vs. Brest

1pm– Monaco vs. Caen

1pm– Stade Rennes vs. Lens

1pm– Saint Etienne vs. Nice

1pm– Sochaux vs. Montpelier

1pm– Valenciennes vs. Lorient

2pm– Mallorca vs. Barcelona

2pm– GolTV- Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund (Delayed)

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Juventus vs. Bologna

3pm– Bordeaux vs. Auxerre

3:15pm– SC Olhanense vs. FC Porto

4pm– GolTV- Deportivo La Coruna vs. Real Madrid

5pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Newcastle vs. Bolton (Delayed)

6pm– Azteca America- Jaguares vs. Chivas Guadalajara

6pm– Univision- Queretaro vs. Cruz Azul

6:15pm– GolTV- Nacional de Medellin vs. Millonarios

8pm– Telefutura- Pachuca vs. San Luis

8pm– Telemundo- Tigres vs. Puebla

10pm– Telefutura- Atlas vs. Monterrey (Delayed)



  1. If Dempsey is such a true striker why did Fulham miss Bobby Zamora so much? Clint has always been something of a “tweener”. He’s not a classic winger and he’s not a classic forward. He just scores a lot of goals and when he plays for the US just works his butt off all over the field.

    If the US goes to a 4-5-1 or some variation of that, the “1” should be Jozy at this time not Clint. He’d be wasted there.

  2. Argentina is an exhibition game.

    If Bradley doesn’t start or even play who cares?

    If he’s in form and playing a lot for AV then fine, bring him in.

    If he’s not then there are certainly plenty of other options to test out and he will probably need to stay in England and fight for his place.

    The insane entitlement and expectations on this site are crazy. Y’all act like you’ve been sitting in on meetings after practice with Houllier and his staff. What a load of BS.

    It’s a different player and a different position but notice how SAF took a lot of time to work Chicharito into Man U’s lineup; and he still does not start regularly.

    Plenty of players far better than MB have taken more than 2 games to fit into EPL teams. Plus you have to take into consideration it’s an unsettled situation where Houllier has little room to experiment.

    A newbie like Bradley is not going to get the same consideration that more familar options like Petrov and Pires (EPL vets) will get. If Bradley shows well in practice and maintains his normal aggressive attitude

    then maybe Houllier will consider giving him some time or making him permanent.

    Bradley is young and cheap, an investment for the future,unless Villa go down. If that happens things get interesting.

  3. Chicharito is a fine striker and I’m sure BB is worried about him.

    However is he going to have his Man U teamates setting him up in the Gold Cup? Will he have the luxury of a Man U defense behind him?

    A little perspective is in order.

  4. Doubly hard to impress in 20 mins when you’re already a man down. Makoun had just seen red and they brought Bradley in to compensate.

    Also, it doesn’t help that one of the men he’s competing with … Stilyan Petrov (who didn’t even start today, came in for Pires) … happens to be their regular captain. It’s going to take awhile for Bradley to slot in ahead of him.

  5. I watched it, and he looked damn good when he was playing Right Wing. Big and fast, but clearly schooled in a country that knows what it is doing (Technical and Tactical) I Think he needs to be our Right midfielder. Shoehorning Holden there does not make sense anymore.

  6. I like Bradley.. He’s been the best center mid for the US no question.
    I’m glad he’s moved to Villa. I think he’ll be better for it in 13′ and beyond.

    However I’m not convinced him playing for the US is the best net outcome. Not in 2010 or 2011.

    I’m glad he’s in the prem also because it puts him as close to 1 v 1 with Holden and Jones..

    The true question is with only spot minutes does Bradley senior still ink him in for 90 mins in the Gold Cup..? Right this minute you have to say he should be #4 on the chart.

  7. Was wondering why Petrov got the start for Bolton and apparently it’s his birthday…I was going insane when Coyle wasn’t making substitutions until almost the 80th minute…usually he makes the right decisions

    Having a 1 man advantage for almost half the game and the other team is showing more attacking pace than you are…you probably should’ve subbed on Mark Davies, Matty Taylor and Chung Lee all at the same time or next time freaking start them. Sometimes its bad to have such big egos on a team where you have to make your players happy, Chung Lee is a solid starter and should play every game, especially over martin petrov, he’s done.

  8. Actually it’s because the ref took no action that he is subject to FA investigation. But they won’t do anything. At least he doesn’t cause a double break in a star player’s leg like a certain midfield enforcer I know.

  9. Actually that was one of the reasons he was shipped out of Liverpool pre-Benitez. Bizarre decision making, strange signings, and an overall loss of the plot. That was the reason I was unsure about his appointment, but we;ll see how he pans out. He usually starts well at a club, but he’ll go asylum on Lerner after two seasons.

  10. I’m surprised so many people expected Bradley to come into Villa and work his way into the starting 11 so quickly.

    I’ll be surprised and disappointed if he never gets his shot to go 90 with the first team, but at this point I’m not all that shocked with his situation. He has always been a careless passer and needs more time to integrate. Hopefully he manages to make an impression before he gets shipped somewhere else.

  11. actually I agree with both of your opinions about chicarrito, i just don’t agree that others people’s opinions should be concidered as ignorant. chicarrito is going to be a handful at the gold cup but as long as we keep him in check we should be ok. he is quick but not fast, he is only 5’9 but has good leaping ability. his biggest assest is his finishes, something a certain young american forward failed to acquire. just my 2 cents.

  12. Let me guess Donovan is your best player in Concacaf right? Dude the best player is based on performance; Chicharito is first followed by Dempsey based on what they are doing in the best league in the world.

  13. I think I would stick with the 4-4-2, as the US just doesn’t look good with a 4-3-2-1 and Bradley likes is a defense first type of coach (not seeing a 4-2-3-1). I personally think a striker up top with Jozy (Bunbury, Agedelo, etc) with Donovan, Holden, Jones, Dempsey midfield (pick your fav. Back line) would be a great line up. I would live to see it, but like others have said, I don’t see Bradley benching his son… Oh well I have been wrong before.

  14. The fact AV won 4-0 with MB on the bench doesn’t raise his profile for sure.

    but it’s early in Mike’s tenure at Villa and it could well be more of a medium-term thing, seeing as MB is young and the guys ahead of him at moment are pushing or past 30.

    I never expected Mike to be an automatic starter with Villa; fact that they moved up to mid-table without playing Mike is actually good for him since there will be less pressure when he does get serious minutes in a game. Also I am guessing Mike stays and some of the older guys leave at end of season. So patience please..

  15. I agree he needs to be starting like two other at the same position (really three others if you include Holden). My point was that all the people who Love M. Bradley shouldn’t worry as I can’t see his dad benching him.

  16. I love Bundesliga, I find it a bit more entertaining then the EPL. Gol TV is where its at. LaLiga and Bundesliga, my two favorite Euro leagues.


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