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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

HoldenHoward (Getty Images)

The last time Bolton faced Everton, Tim Howard robbed Stuart Holden of what would have been his first Premier League goal. The in-form Bolton midfielder has a second chance to beat his international teammate on Sunday.

Bolton-Everton is one of the marquee matches of the day for American soccer fans, but another one of great importance is happening in Germany, where captain Steve Cherundolo and Hannover 96 continue their push for a UEFA Champions League berth with a key game against Werder Bremen.

Other high-profile matches include the Juventus-Inter Milan battle in Italy and the Espanyol-Real Madrid bout in Spain. One intriguing match not found on TV in the United States is Bursaspor vs. Eskisehirspor, where Jozy Altidore could debut for his new club.

If you will be watching any of Sunday's games, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (TV schedule is after the jump):


8:15 a.m. – – Queens Park Rangers vs. Nottingham Forest

9 a.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes – Brescia Calcio vs. Lazio

9 a.m. – – Catania vs. Lecce

9:30 a.m. – GOLTV – FC Cologne vs. FSV Mainz 05

11 a.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes – Bolton vs. Everton

11 a.m. – Deportes – Hercules vs. Real Zaragoza

11 a.m. – DirecTV – Malaga vs. Getafe

11 a.m. – DirecTV – Real Sociedad vs. Osasuna

11 a.m. – – Stade Rennes vs. Nice

11 a.m. – – Valenciennes vs. Brest

11:30 a.m. – – Werder Bremen vs. Hannover 96

1 p.m. – Deportes – Deportivo La Coruna vs. Villarreal

1 p.m. – Telemundo – Pumas UNAM vs. Chivas de Guadalajara

1 p.m. – Azteca America – Morelia vs. Estudiantes Tecos

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/Fox Deportes/ – Juventus vs. Inter Milan

3 p.m. – GOLTV – Espanyol vs. Real Madrid

3 p.m. – Fox Soccer Plus/ – Lille vs. Toulouse

3:15 p.m. – – Sporting Braga vs. Porto


  1. Anderson, (age 22), Manchester United

    Hernanes, (age 25), Lazio

    Elías, (age 25), Atlético Madrid

    Jádson, (age 27), Shakhtar Donetsk

    Lucas, (age 24), Liverpool

    Ramires, (age 23), Chelsea

    Sandro, (age 21), Tottenham Hotspur

    Renato Augusto, (age 23), Bayer Leverkusen


    Here is Brazil’s current Midfield. Bear in mind there are at least as many other Brazilians in Europe who could be called in to replace these guys.

    Could you tell me which ones could maybe make the US bench?

  2. “Glass”?

    You must be talking about Edu, Clark, Jones and Holden. Add up how many games those guys have missed for the US over the last two or so years.

    Over the course of 12 years Reyna played 112 games for the US(in addition to 282 games for his various clubs) for an average of about 9.3 per year.

    The US averages something like 14 games per year give or take, which means for most of that time Reyna played the majority of the US games every year. Of the 4 guys I mentioned only Jones has had a career and the skills that might approach Reyna’s.

    I think the US has a good Midfield pool with a bright future but you’re really reaching with this “best and deepest pool” business, at least as it relates to the “best” part.

    No one in the current pool is a good as Tom Dooley who played 81 games (and scored 7 goals) in a 7 year USMNT career. The next time as current US midfielder gets named to a World Cup All Star team like Reyna did in 2002 let me know.

  3. Earlier in season Holden was at or near top of EPL in tackles…haven’t kept track lately.

    But anyway, Holden tackles just fine,and passes better.

    And his crosses, corners, and free kicks are better.

    MB is a couple years younger so has time to grow…but if he doesn’t have the touch by now, that is tough to pick up.

  4. Well….google what the Hull coach said about Jozy when he was sent packing. Basically, that he was – lazy.

    Sin a dumb red card on Jozy helped guarantee Hull’s relegation one could understand the coach being disappointed. But still.

    However, in the first half at least Jozy looked fitter and faster than we have seen for years. So let’s give Jozy a few games to play himself into game shape.

  5. Yeah Jozy needs to leanr to do things like that sick move somebody did which led to the goal in 1st half…oops wait that was Jozy.

    It is worrisome I admit if he still doesb’t have the conidtioning to go 90.

    Hopefully he can shake the rust off from all that time on the bench in Spain.

  6. He is an immature player. That’s not a terrible thing to say about someone his age…

    When he gets tired, he doesn’t make unselfish runs.

  7. Look Jig, I see what you are trying to say, but it is not working when you are comparing us to Belgium, did YOU see any of their WC qualifying matches ?from the two i saw their midfield is not very strong …at all

  8. Well you were wrong.

    Nothing substitutes for playing games in terms of being in “game shape”.

    Plus this is Jozy’s first game for a new team and when you do that you don’t just run around like a chicken with you head cut off chasing after the ball, especially when you are a forward.

  9. I don’t think Hazard is one of the best wide players in the world. Now you’re just exaggerating to strengthen your argument. Did you see the Bolton-Everton game today? If Fellani is a premier defensive midfielder in the EPL, what does that make Stu? Because he completely outplayed Marouane today. You can say whatever you want about loving the boys, but if you really love them, why would you take anybody else? Especially a 32 year-old Stankovic and a guy who plays for Wolverhampton.

  10. Did any one see pumas vs chivas half overhead kick. Forget rooneys goal. Oh yeah this is México if would have Ronaldo it will Be all over the world.

  11. Okay, I take your point, but I really dont think theres anything special about our midfield either when you take a hard look at whos doing what.

  12. obviously everyones entitled to their own opinion, but I would take the following pool of midfielders over ours, given the choice:

    Serbia – Ljajic, Jovanovic, Kuzmanovic, Krasic, Stankovic, Milijas

    Belgium – Fellaini, Vertonghen, Witsel, Defour, Hazard

    Obviously for Serbia, Jovanovic hasnt come off at Liverpool at all. But the rest? Besides Milijas, theyre all at bigger clubs as solid contributors.

    As for Belgium, theyre a team on the rise, and its not a stretch for me to look at that group of players and think theyre a better overall set then what we could put out. Fellaini is a premier defensive midfielder in the EPL, and Chelseas begun to sniff around. Hazard is already one of the best wide players in the world, and is going to be sold for big money this summer. BIG money. THen you have a guy like Defour who’s been linked to a move to Man United for the past year, and a guy like Vertonghen whos 23 and already has 100 games for Ajax under his belt.

    I’m sorry, but both those groups have accomplishe more than the group of Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley, Holden and Jones. And those are my guys, I love them, but I’d take a Serb or a Belgian midfield over ours.

  13. The Adu rumor about him being out for 3 months is unsubstantiated. Think he just isn’t fit enough to contribute to the team. Give him a couple of weeks to train!

  14. Really?? Belgium and Serbia? Did you see Serbia at the WC? Their midfield is one of the reasons they underperformed. As for Belgium, they’re midfield is not even close. Their future forward pool is something to marvel at, but not the midfield.

  15. LMAO @ Belgium. Agree with the others though; Spain, Holland, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, and France have better midfields. I think England is overrated and only slightly better than the US and we can certainly outperform Serbia and Belgium when we are on our game. There is certainly a legitimate argument that can be made that the US possesses one of the 10 mid-fields in the entire world, and it makes me smile that I can say that with a straight face.

  16. I watched the Bursapor highlights over at TOW. Jozy had some pretty sick moves leading up to Bursa’s first goal.

    That dive by the player on the opposing team makes the Turkish League looks like a bit of a joke though.

  17. Sarcasm? I was referring to the refereeing. The penalty was absurd and so were both red cards. It seemed more like a high school drama than professional football.

  18. While we do have some deluded fanboys on this site (i.e. , those who put us ahead of Brazil & Germany), our midfield is looking pretty stacked. i don’t agree that you have to put serbia and belgium in front of us – it’s at least a close call with those teams. i’d give our boys a good shot at outplaying them.

  19. Serbia is a huge stretch as well. As for England and France, I would say the US midfield can compete, however I think both are slightly better.

  20. While i agree with you, Belgium does NOT have a stronger midfield then the US. I have seen them play 5 times over the couple of years, and there is nothing special about their current midfield. I have heard that they do have a nice amount of youth players coming up though

  21. i thought jozy has been healthy and training all this time with Villa, it may just be that because of him being a muscular body type of an athlete he may not be able to go a full 90, from all the games that I have seen him play, his ceiling is about the 75 minute mark.

  22. This is scary.

    someone really thinks the US has a top 5 midfield in the world? you have to put spain, holland, germany, brazil, argentina, belgium, portugal, england, france, serbia ahead of the US, without even thinking.

    to say the US has a better midfield than Brazil is one of the most ridiculous assertions I’ve heard in a while, maybe ever.

  23. Holden was absolutely robbed of a goal in the game against Everton. Sturrage went to the endline and passed back to Holden who blasted the ball into goal from six yards out. However the referee indicated that the ball was out of bounds to disallow the goal.

    The replays clearly showed the ball was not completely over the line and therefor as still in place. Holden goal should have counted….


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