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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

LyonRM (Reuters Pictures)

Real Madrid's chance at revenge and redemption has come.

With a knockout stage tie against Lyon standing in the way of a trip to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals for the second straight year, Madrid will look to weather the storm in France on Tuesday against the team that ended its 2010 quest for European glory. Chelsea, too, looks for the upper hand as the favorite in its tie with FC Copenhagen.

Also on Tuesday, the United States Under-17 national team can qualify for this summer's U-17 World Cup in Mexico by beating El Salvador in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF U-17 championships in Jamaica.

Here's the TV schedule for Tuesday's afternoon matches:

2:45 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – FC Copenhagen vs. Chelsea (UCL)

2:45 p.m. – Deportes/Fox Sports Network – Lyon vs. Real Madrid (UCL)

3 p.m. – Deportes – USA vs. El Salvador (U-17)

3 p.m. – Fox Soccer Plus/ – Blackpool vs. Tottenham (Premier League)

If you will be watching any of Tuesday's afternoon games, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinion and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. Let’s keep it clean people. One can make a case about the style of play, simulation, strange calls and disgusting fields that we have to deal with in CONCACAF and how it hampers the overall development of the game here all while staying classy about it.

    That stuff rubs me wrong too and it makes for painful matches in our region, hopefully the Federation honchos come to their senses and clean this crap up if they ever want to keep enjoying the 1 1/2 WC spots left over by the US and Mexico. We have talented players here, our teams just need to start playing the game cleanly and our level of football will definitely improve.

    Good job USA!

  2. I might be mellow because I was rudely awakened, *cough* *cough,* but I agree in a sense.

    I usually just rant about the diving and the officials.

  3. I ****** hate Hispanic teams.

    It is just like CL matches between MLS squads and other teams. Diving, diving, biased match officials, late match penalties (ALL THE TIME) and general unsportsmanlike play.

    Oh, and don’t forget the terrible fields.

  4. What a disgusting display by the US u17, no class at all. I know there’s more central american players on our team now but all that diving and time wasting at the end was disgusting — they have been watching too much Jozy and Dempsey. Thank god the ref was on our side and didn’t call a red on that last-man foul.

  5. Pretty bizarre. Wish I could be watching it. McIntosh pulled some real boners at that Phoenix tourney. Hope he doesn’t get turned at any point.

  6. Well… I don’t know. I don’t think the player would just kick the guy in the face like that.

    Either way, the officiating in the past 10 minutes has been atrociously one-sided… and 4 minutes of overtime?

    What is this, Man U?

  7. he lept for a ball in the air and kicked an el salvador player. i guess the ref judged it to be some kind of deliberate kick, but he was in the air leaping for the ball so it’s hard to tell.

  8. This official has some SERIOUS explaining to do because it seriously looks like he is fixing the match. That, or he is ridiculously incompetent.

  9. is that a penalty tho? i remember chilavert absolutely killing a peruvian player in a south american qualifier in a similar way. no foul.

  10. Did someone just call the official and tell him to screw the United States?

    Rarely have I seen such a ridiculous change in the tone of a match.


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