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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

BerbatovRooney (Getty Images)

It is rare when a Tuesday is loaded with quality soccer action, but today happens to be one of those rare days.

The English Premier League boasts a quartet of quality tilts, while Italy gives us the match of the day, with AC Milan taking on Lazio in a battle of title contenders.

Here's a rundown of today's TV schedule:

2:45pm– Fox Soccer Channel- Arsenal vs. Everton

2:45pm– Fox Soccer Plus- Sunderland vs. Chelsea

2:45pm– AC Milan vs. Lazio

2:55pm– ESPN2- Manchester United vs. Aston Villa

3pm– West Bromwich Albion vs. Wigan Athletic


If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Collins bailed out Walker a million times. He was still bad, but he was 2nd best of 4 behind Clark.

    Walker wasn’t just bad, he was atrocious. The hate was so well deserved that I’m convinced if he was anything but an English national team prospect he would be getting a lot more.

  2. Nobody really ever mentions how terrible James Collins is. It is shocking that a team like Villa that intends on at least challenging for the last Champions League spot is satisfied with fielding him day-in day-out…There is a reason his previous club was West Ham and that their defense was still terrible despite the fact that he was partnering with Upson.

    Dunne really isnt very good either if you actually watch all the games. These guys get a pass purely from reputation as good defenders. I dont really see it…and I watch almost every Villa game.

    Walker was bad but I think the hate here is mainly due to the fact that Lichaj is sitting in favor of him. Both Lichaj and Walker aren’t good enough (yet) for what Villa wants to achieve.

  3. Grade 7 ref here. you are correct. For it not to be offside the defender needs to have control of the ball, usually the play stands when the defender makes a pass to the goalie and it’s picked off by a player in the off side position. But is offside if the ball is merely deflected, unless played by one of his own teammates. I have not seen the play but will look for film

  4. What is Walker doing earning a free kick a few yards outside the right side of United’s 18?

    How can you call yourself a coach and not have subbed that kid out already? He is responsible for 75 of the defensive lapses and miss-positionings.

    What a joke. Rooney and Giggs abused that side. Hell, he allowed Vidic to score, off the ground, from inside the 18.

  5. What the hell is Kyle Walker doing?

    Seriously, what the hell is that? Where is he? This is the worst performance from a RB I’ve ever seen in the premiership.

    Wow, he is just standing around, doing nothing. His side is getting TORCHED. FREAKING TORCHED.

  6. Same thing happened with The government seems to take initiative when Hollywood calls, but looks away when real problems arise.

  7. The rule wasn’t always thus — it used to have language about players not being offside if the ball was played by a defender. That was too complicated because it required refs to decide if the ball merely accidentally caromed off the defender or whether the defender deliberately touched it.

  8. this is exactly why I’m more than happy MB didn’t start today. Pressure of debut, at Old Trafford, against United, with guys he’s never played with… recipe for disaster. Fulham on the weekend will be a much nicer welcoming.

  9. 62nd: Kyle Walker allows Vidic to dribble around inside the 18 on the right, and then allows him a free shot from 10 yards.

  10. 30 minutes left, and I’m starting the Kyle Walker flame machine.

    61st: Walker incredibly out of position, turned hard by Rooney.

  11. I call BS.

    The commentators just went on multi-minute spiel about how impressed they have been with Aston Villa’s RB, Kyle Walker.

    Something is seriously wrong with this situation, and I figured out what it is. Kyle Walker is the anointed future RB of the English national team.

    That is the only reasonable explanation for the outright lying from these old geezer commentators. Because he is not only not been great, but he has been shameful in many instances.

  12. Yeah, I’m willing to call shenanigans on this entire situation.

    This Walker does not look like he’s having a bad game, he just looks bad all together.

  13. Makes sense, otherwise a player diving for a sliding ball could accidentally deflect it to a player 10 yards offside and it would be considered good.

  14. So, I refreshed my memory by checking out what FIFA says about Rule 11 — the offside rule. FIFA gives clear direction here. If the ball deflects off a defender to a player who was in an offside position when the ball was played by his teammate, he is “gaining an advantage” and thus offside.

    The refs at the Everton-Arsenal match need to refresh their own memories.

  15. AV playing like crap just means more support for changes like inserting Bradley quickly into the game. He might start on Saturday,

  16. That’s Kyle Walker and he’s gotten torched today. Houllier supposedly loves him, but methinks that Lichaj will have another shot after today.

  17. Villa has no passion. No balls up the middle, no runs up the side…they look dead. Haha, I would say they should put in Lichaj but they didnt bring him. Makoun looks comfy though…maybe too much.

  18. Michael Bradley should be given the arm band for AV immediately. They are terrible. Friedel had a great save though….No bias at all in this statement!

  19. I’m sorry but Aston Villa’s right back is a freaking joke.

    Almost every attack has come down that side, and he actually stopped playing to raise his hand for an offside that was 50 yards from goal, and just let the guy run at goal. Never once started to run again.

    I’ve watched the few games Lichaj has started for Villa, and he’s looked far better.

  20. Vidic faked a short pass from a free kick at his 18, moved sideways as if to short pass it the other direction, and Van Der Saar came sprinting from behind to blast the ball 70 yards, to the edge of Aston Villa’s box, onto the foot of a sprinting Rooney.


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