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Sounders edge Fire on late Carrasco goal

Trialist Servando Carrasco tallied a 120th-minute game-winner to help lift the Seattle Sounders to a 1-0 pre-season victory against the Chicago Fire on Saturday. The loss was Chicago's first of the pre-season.

The teams played two 45-minute halves as well as a pre-planned 30-minute third period. Carrasco finished off a Roger Levesque pass in the final seconds of the match, beating Fire goalkeeper Alec Dufty for the winner.

Chicago's defense enjoyed another strong performance, shutting down Seattle's first-team offense during the first 90 minutes of action. The Fire's offensive struggles continued though, with newly-acquired forwards Gaston Puerari and Diego Chaves failing to find the net.

Seattle returns to action Friday against Portland in the first game of the Cascadia Summit before taking on Vancouver on Sunday, March 6th.

Chicago returns to action on Saturday when it takes on Toronto FC in the opening match of the Carolina Challenge Cup in Charleston, South Carolina.

Here are the lineups from Saturday's match:

Chicago Fire: Sean Johnson (Jon Conway 46′, Alec Dufty 91′); Jalil Anibaba (Kwame Watson-Siriboe 77′), Josip Mikulic (Mike Videira 77′), Cory Gibbs (Pari Pantazopoulos 55′); Bratislav Ristic (Yoximar 64′), Baggio Husidic (Corben Bone 64′), Logan Pause (Marko Maric 51′), Marco Pappa (Daniel Paladini 77′), Gonzalo Segares (Michael Muniz 46′, Davis Paul 77′); Diego Chaves (Patrick Nyarko 46′, Martin Rivas 108′), Gaston Puerari (Orr Barouch 46′, Jason Herrick 106′)

Seattle Sounders Kasey Keller (Terry Boss 63′); James Riley (Richard Martinez 71′, Michael Tetteh 114′), Jhon Kennedy Hurtado (Taylor Graham 71′, Patrick Ianni 104′), Jeff Parke (Zach Scott 71′), Leo Gonzalez (Tyson Wahl 71′); Alvaro Fernandez (Trialist 46′, David Estrada 91′), Osvaldo Alonso (Servando Carrasco 71′), Brad Evans (Jonathan Prieto 71′), Steve Zakuani (Miguel Montano 71′), Fredy Montero (Mike Fucito 63′, Roger Levesque 104′), Blaise Nkufo (Pat Noonan 63′, Lamar Neagle 100′)  



  1. I also think that Hurtado is a great CB, and Jeff Parke>Tyrone Marshall, so with Hurtado back you finally will see the upgrade of Parke over Marshall.

    Im excited to see them play.

  2. Looks like Sounders are going to live or die by this unit, which is pretty-much unchanged, save for Evans>Sturgis and Fern>Nyassi. Will they prove better with another year of experience/gel, or ultimately prove a good team that is simply not good enough to challenge for titles other than USopen?

  3. Then, in response, and may it please the court:


    …and a cast of thousands!!!

  4. I would argue both Paul and DDT5583 responded very well to your comments bro.

    “It’s ridiculous to throw a fit over the starting line-up in an exhibition match. I guarantee you that Nyarko will be in the starting 11 for the season opener (barring injury),” said DDT5583.

    “the manager is going to play multiple players. It’s part of the process,” said Paul.

  5. Wise words from DDT.
    I’m curious and a little confused and excited about a 3 defender, 5 midfielder formation. I know Ristic was great at being a hybrid mid/ defender last year, maybe there is something good coming of the formation. Coaching that forces players to fit systems without results is bad coaching. I really hope that we are seeing coaching that serves the players strengths, and I mean well scouted players.

    A year ago lots of people, including me, were really questioning why Collins John could not get signed more quickly. I’m sure most people are pleased to see him gone. Some of the players the Fire ousted from last year made room for roster improvements, and CJ and BMB have given the game all they physically had to give.

    The last two MLS Cups have not gone to predicted squads. This year with 2 expansions and lots of roster moves, lets see where we go.

  6. Hmm… By reading DDT5583’s comment, I’m pretty sure he responded in a well thought out way that pretty much answers every worry Fire fans have.

  7. I said nothing about results. I know it’s preseason, that wasn’t my complaint.

    You all managed to trash my comment, and not a single one of you actually responded to it.

  8. It’s ridiculous to throw a fit over the starting line-up in an exhibition match. I guarantee you that Nyarko will be in the starting 11 for the season opener (barring injury). So CDLC wanted to mix players around, so what. That’s what preseason is for. Too many fire fans have lost the plot. Do I think de los Cobos is a great coach? No. Do I think he has made some odd decisions with the Fire? Yes. But some of you guys need to learn a new tune. What has happened to our team? A new coach failed to gel with a line-up that was past its prime, had a few malcontents, and underperformed. (CDLC deserves some of the blame for this, but not all). Then, we lost half our roster, some to retirements, some to other leagues (and good riddance to Wilman Conde, Nery Castillo, and a few others), and now we have a young, unproven team full of new faces. Getting apoplectic because the coach is trying different groups to see who meshes with who is not only unreasonable, but it also detracts from honest critical assessment.

  9. What happened to our team?

    I hate this. Our team has been trashed by this poor excuse for a coach. Why is Nyarko not starting? Oh, because DLC has another toy he brought in from some South American country.


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