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UCL: Madrid looks to overcome Lyon; Chelsea hoping for silver lining in 2011


Real Madrid has been in this position before: Knockout stage, favored, against Lyon.

In 2010, the French side turned in one of the surprises of the UEFA Champions League by eliminating the Spanish giants in the same stage. In order to exorcise some of the past demons, Madrid will have to find a way to have success against a team it hasn't beaten in their last six matchups.

Chelsea, meanwhile, is 12 points off Manchester United's pace the Premier League, just got knocked out of the FA Cup and has one last hope for silverware in 2011. In order to maintain that hope, the Blues will need to turn in a strong road performance at upstart FC Copenhagen, which is playing in its first UCL knockout game in club history despite its domestic season being in the midst of its winter break.

How do you see Tuesday's UEFA Champions League matches shaking out? Do you see Lyon getting a home result and putting pressure on Madrid heading into the return leg? Do you think Chelsea will have a problem with Copenhagen?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Laptop buddy next to the tv. Or even better a computer connected with multiple monitors to a TV…liiiiggggghhhhttttt Buuuuuuuulllllbbbb

  2. I’m torn. The Chelsea/Copenhagen matchup will be very tight. Drogba is apparently starting from the bench according to Talksport this morning, with Anelka and Torres in the starting XI.

    On the other hand. Lyon/Madrid will be in Full HD on my local Comcast HD channel (FiOS doesn’t have FSC HD yet), and I can’t miss soccer in HD, which only comes around once a month.

    Wish I had two TV’s.

  3. Ugh, why is the rematch of last years final being delayed so we can watch ManU and Marseille live tomorrow. Ultra-lame. This is why I still try to find illegal (yet live) feeds.


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