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U.S. Under-17s down Jamaica to reach CONCACAF Final

Midfielder Marc Pelosi's first-half finish and Anthony Oliver's late stoppage-time goal helped give the U.S. Under-17 national team a 2-0 victory against Jamaica in the CONCACAF Under-17 semifinals on Friday in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The win pushed the Americans into Sunday's CONCACAF Under-17 Final against Canada, which defeated Panama, 1-0, in Friday's earlier semifinal.

Pelosi opened the scoring in the 11th minute when he re-directed an Alfred Koroma header. Jamaica pressed hard for an equalizer, but a late red card made it that much more difficult. Oliver put the match out of reach with a 92nd-minute finish to put the Americans into the final.

Here are the match highlights:


The United States takes on Canada in the CONCACAF Under-17 Final on Sunday at 7pm on


  1. Definitely a foul, definitely intentional, maybe excessive force. Not sure about Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity. As I recall there are 4 criteria, 1) possession of ball, 2) going toward goal, 3) no other defenders other than the keeper between player and goal and 4) foul committed against an opponent that is punishable by free kick. The LOTG do not enumerate these, but they appear in advice to the referee documents to help the referee decide if a DOGSO occurred. In this case the player was not going straight at goal (but it was pretty much forward), you could argue other defenders were near enough to provide cover, but they were more even rather than in a position to defend well. The referee decided it was a tactical foul that fulfilled all the criteria and since the LOTG do not mention “last defender”, the referee was well within his rights to decide it was a sending-off.

  2. I thought he shoved him too and if you’re moving forward at full speed it doesn’t take much from behind to cause you to go to ground. I thought it was the correct call as he did look to be the last man, but as mentioned it would’ve been a second yellow in any case.

  3. That was gorgeous, inches off being a SportsCenter Top Ten. Although for a beautiful one just like that (that went in) check out Brad Davis in the Dynamo v TFC match the other night.

  4. isn’t that weid though that Mexico doesn’t play in this tournament as an experiece for the young players that have never played together much and never played in this big of a tournament?

  5. This was a really nice win, considering the US was down 3 sure starters (GK Pina, LB Acosta, and CM Dunn) and playing against a jacked up Jamaica team on their home turf.

  6. I thought the U.S. played really well in the 2nd half. Their ball control was excellent, they just couldn’t finish until Oliver scored the 2nd goal. They played a much better than the El Salvador game. Cabrera has done a nice job coaching them to the finals of the tournament.

  7. I’ll admit, I haven’t paid too much attention to this tourney….but, where is Mexico? I assume they don’t have to qualify as they will be the hosts. Am I right? If so…will this be the chance for the US to finally win in Mexico?

    Seeing as how FIFA decided to eliminate the US vs Mexico World Cup Qualifying match. Which…to this day bothers me. How are you going to eliminate the biggest rivalry of a confederation? That would be like CONEMBOL elimination the Brazil vs Argentina games?

    I guess they did it because of the dominance the US and Mexico have over the region. I can’t wait until other teams in the region become consistent contenders.

    Yeah, I’m talking to you Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, T&T…and Canada!

  8. In the replay it looked like the guy really shoved the US player. I’m not sure he really used any force but he definitely gave himself a chance to get the straight red. A little bit harsh but not absurd. At least the ref in this game was better than the last.

  9. Wow, i didnt watch the game but who took that FK for the US at the end of the highlights? I don’t think ive seen someone on the senior level take one like that, maybe Torres had one but i think his was stopped by the keeper. This one the keeper had no way of getting to it even if it was a few inches lower and on target

  10. I was impressed by Pelosi, he’s not the biggest guy out there, but he keeps his head and continued to work hard with some skill. A nifty combo of alert scrapping for the ball and then a great bass back across the middle for the final goal.

  11. Just finished watching the game on Espn3. Pelosi had another solid game and continues to be a rock in the midfield.

    It wasn’t a beautiful game, but towards the end, the US started stringing passes together to great effect. Looking forward to the US v. Canada final.

    Congratulations U-17’s!


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