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Adu nets game-winner for Rizespor

Remember when Freddy Adu could use his quickness and shifty moves to score impressive goals? It might seem like ages ago, and for some, you may not even remember, but the diminutive midfielder has scored some good goals in his career.

Adu flashed that old goal-scoring touch today, netting a pretty sweet left-footed shot that proved to be the game-winning goal in a 1-0 triumph for Turkish Second Division side Rizespor. Adu has enjoyed success since joining the promotion challengers, and is doing his part to elevate Rizespor to the Turkish First Division.

Here is Adu's goal from today:




  1. Really?

    Do the math.

    Kinnear has his players for about 30 league games and who knows how many practices and exhibitions. Plus he has a lot more control over his players.

    Bradley, since he took the job in 2007, has managed about 70 games, which is about as many as Kinnear gets with his guys in a two seasons or less. His players are borrowed.

    These guys are not USMNT players, they are LA Galaxy ( or whatever) players who occasionaly play for the USMNT. National team managers lay out a game plan, practice certain set plays and then try to get these guys to play a representative game. They have no time for teaching.

  2. Quick feet create space. The turn move here would work in any league in the world at the right moment. Suarez through Man U is proof of this. Only Dempsey and maybe Holden would make this move in the current pool and is the reason why this gets 120 comments and all of us thinking damnit adu get it going on the rest of the game.

    Re Rooney v Chelsea.. To be honest that space was in part given because Luiz got knocked in the nuts 70 seconds prior to the goal and can be seen drifting in recovery rather than hawking Rooney like he did the rest of the game.

  3. Nice goal, but that almost looked like a set piece from the training ground. Wake me when he scores from the run of play.

  4. Both Bradley and Arena have coached at the MLS level. They should be doing some teaching.

    I think Kinnear is pretty good at teaching tactical positioning and awareness. Look where Holden is today.

  5. No he compared the amount of SPACE Rooney had and the amount of space Adu had, basically saying that in any league in the world, defenders are going to mess up, and give any player alot of space, whether it be Rooney, when you know you’re not supposed to give him that much space, or some no name, that no1 knows about, in the Guatemalan league.

  6. Boy, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this afternoon.

    First of all, I was the third person to post a comment, so the “No one” and “Nobody” else you are referring to is all of two people. You want to start attacking people, get your facts straight.

    I read this blog, and the comments, to learn more about the progress of USMNT players. Mentioning Adu inherently involves the nats. It was certainly a very well taken goal from an all but forgotten player IN THE USMNT POOL.

    I, too, wish him the best and hope that he lives up to his potential.

    Get off your high horse.

  7. Freddy has still has time to salvage his career but the Drogba comparison is a bad one.

    Drogba got a late start.Once he got serious, things progressed in a reasonably orderly fashion.

    Drogba did not sign a full time pro contract until he was 21. He had committment and family issues, homesickness, injury etc. so he really didn’t get serious until then.

    In his first five years he had:

    Appearances Goals
    30 7
    21 5
    11 3
    34 17

    96 32

    If you consider Freddy’s signing with Benfica the first sign of his seriousness then what you have to compare is the fact that Freddy has managed a total of 35 appearances in his first 5 years in Europe.
    Plus Drogba has generally shown ongoing improvement while Freddy has mostly shown stagnation or even regression.

  8. Benny had a good World Cup, so gets some slack. He’s proven what he can do at a very high level. I didn’t see Freddy getting it together enough to do the same thing.

  9. You misunderstand the role of a National Team manager.Players spend little time in the National team set up.

    Arena or Bradley don’t “teach” tactical awareness. By the time a player gets to a senior national team he either has that ingrained in him or he doesn’t. That’s why players like Agudelo and Mix are so impressive. They’ve obviously had better training as youngsters.

  10. Take it easy everyone. It was a super goal for sure. I certainly want him to do the best he can over there. Discussion of him coming back to the national team are a little premature. Lets just see how things go. He needs a stable place more than anything right now.

  11. I thought of the same thing , people just dont like Adu. reason being that you have people like Alexi Lalas who spread seeds of hate for the kid , shooting off his red head mouth.

  12. Adu does a wonderfully skillfull move to freeze defenders and scores a pretty good goal, oh its wack second class defenders.
    Rooney does it and he’s just world class, smfh. some of you guys are just stone cold haters. Adu is more skilfull than every american player, not saying he’s better overall; however he has proven over and over by playing with these same guys on the USMNT and with the youth teams that he’s more skillful, no question.

  13. Ya know, everybody knocks Freddy for playing in the Turkish second division, but I don’t hear as many people get on Benny’s case for playing in the Danish second flight. Just food for though.

  14. That Poland game was the first serious match I’d ever been to. Adu definitely impressed at that time, as did Jozy.


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