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Bradley to get first Aston Villa start

Bradley (Getty Images)

Aston Villa has released its starting XI for Wednesday's FA Cup match against Manchester City, and for the first time, United States midfielder Michael Bradley's name is included in it.

Bradley, who has yet to get a real chance to make an impact since joining the club on loan from Borussia Monchengladbach, will get the chance to do so today with a spot in the FA Cup quarterfinals on the line.

The match is slated for 2:45 p.m. and will be televised on Fox Soccer Plus and

Happy to see Bradley get the start? Scrambling to take a late "lunch?"

Share your thoughts below.


  1. just wondering: all you writing about MB and his “daddy” giving him favors–are you all 12 years old or something? Few people think MB is the second coming of (pick you favorite midfielder) but this continued “analysis” that he sucks so bad and only plays on the MNT because of BB is just cracked. Bob didn’t make the loan happen, AV did. Bob didn’t sign him to the MGB team, MGB did. Bob didn’t score all those goals for Heernveen, MB did. Whatever he’s got, he earned. Whereever he is, those teams saw something in him.

    He is not my favorite player, but he is very good with lots of room to grow. Didn’t see the match today–sounds like a missed opp. We’ll just have to see what transpires from this point on. No need to make wild, uninformed speculations. But then, SBI wouldn’t get as much traffic.

    hmmmmmmmm. Carry-on, then.


  2. I’ll admit I was the one freaking. But its a valid concern that one of our starters was barely sniffing the field, and yes ill be a lot more happy when its a premier league start. Still impressed that houllier gave him a start, even if its a fa cup one.

  3. Wrong… the national will never move past that until BB admits that Mikey isn’t all that special and doesnt start him. That will never happen as long as there is a pulse in BB’s body

  4. I wish my Dad drafted me at 16! It is ONE GAME, sometimes that is all they need to know you won’t make it. I don’t seem him getting a deal at the end of the year because of this ONE GAME. Hey, at least he got one game and didn’t get nixed in training? Again, probably has more to do with his work ethic (Lerner)!

  5. You guys. Give it a rest.

    I’m hardly a Jr. fan, but it’s ONE GAME.

    He was playing at the worst Bundesliga team. It’s a huge step up. His technical game had been suffering for a while with Gladbach. He’s still very young. Give him time.

    But as far as him starting over Jones, Edu, Holden, or even Spector in the middle of the park for the USMNT, I also say, “Nay”.


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