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Cann leaves Toronto FC camp


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Toronto FC has been down this road before.

After Dwayne De Rosario voiced discontent with his contract situation last season, defender Adrian Cann has reportedly left TFC training camp, unhappy with the current status of his contract negotiations.

According to the Toronto Sun, Cann feels that he is in line for a pay raise after making a little more than $65,000 in base salary last season. The centerback was named the team's MVP by the organization for his efforts in 2010, but he is entering the second year of a four-year contract.

Who do you side with in this case, Cann or TFC? Do you see Cann suiting up for TFC this season? Do you think the team can afford to enter the season without him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. No they’re not. Even on paper TFC is one of the few clubs in the league that makes money. And MLS is the biggest write-down factory in history.

    If you believe businessmen like flushing money just because they support soccer, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I can let you have real cheap.

  2. It’s not like TFC hasn’t offered to upgrade his contract. Cann has turned the club’s offer down. That’s an important factor here. The club was willing to sweeten the pot but obviously it was not to Adrian’s liking.

    It is my understanding that Cann is one of the few players on TFC with a guaranteed contract.

    Sadly for Adrian, his options are limited. He can play … or he can retire.

    I for one hope he plays. While his skills are limited and he is not fleet of foot, he was a good team with Attakora in the CB position and he would be missed.

  3. They are losing money on their team. I am impressed that so many people don’t understand that MLS players are very lucky. Most owners lose money, yet stick through these rough times, any other company would and should down size. If we want to start comparing MLS to other leagues, should MLS players do what those other American sports do, and get into revenue sharing? Revenue is in the red, so players should help with MLS debt, right?

    As soon as MLS is making money, we all know the Union will call for profit sharing and raises (which I think should happen).

  4. MLS players becoming like their NFL counterparts regarding contracts. Sign a long-term deal. Have a good first year that kind of supersedes what you earn and player immediately wants a new deal.

  5. I’m not at all a fan of a player voicing their discontent with respect to their contract details. I think it is a complete distraction and detrimental to team chemistry. I can appreciate the players perspective however, you signed a contract to play for an enumerated amount of years at a specified salary and just because you turned out to be worth more to a team in the middle of the contract… you are going to pout because the owners/MLS wont tear the contract up and give you a pay raise? If that is the case then lets even out the playing field on both sides of the fence…give the owners/MLS the ability to discount the amount you earn for not playing as expected or how about not paying you if you happen to get injured? If you want the best contract…then get the best agent and get some incentive-laden contracts with enhancements that benefit the player. At the end of your contract if you are the Hot Sh*t that you think you are then you can write your own check during free agency. You can thank DeRosario for that cancer.

  6. cashiers at Home Depot make 30k?

    I haven’t seen him play but the MVP of your team is usually someone you want to keep around.

    However, if that is the case then I expect they will let him go.

  7. the mlse (maple leaf sports and enetertainment) parent company of TFC, are a $1.5B company (book value). TFC minimum makes $14m on ticket sales alone (base on avg attendance and avg ticket price of $700/season) + $4m shirt sponsor + $320K on stadium revenues + merch + TV rights. They are not hurting for money. If a player who is under a non guaranteed contract should have every right to renegotiate if they feel they have leverage. the question is does Cann have that leverage.

  8. Seriously people! At your job, if you feel you are underpaid for the work you do then you go into your bosses office and ask for a raise. If they tell you NO, then you have to option to continue to work for what you feel is an unfair wage or you walk. Why should pro athletes be held to different standard. Cann is well within his right to ask for a raise. TFC management said no. So he walked. We’ll see who blinks first.

  9. Why is $65k crap for Adrian Cann? He was making less in Europe so he comes HOME to play a game in front of friends and family and make MORE money. Just because NBA players are overpaid doesn’t mean we have to overpay MLS players. Last thing we want to become is the NBA.

  10. Have you seen Cann play? No? Well let me tell you he is easily replaced.

    And he signed the 4 year contract because he was tired of bouncing around Europe as a trialist and wanted to be home (Toronto) long term. It was $65k playing soccer for TFC or making $30k as a cashier at Home Depot.

  11. I understand that people want to make more money, but the league isn’t even profitable yet. Same problem the US government is in. People feel entitled to more money, but where does it come from?

  12. I agree with you 100% in respect to there being no honor in these arrangements. It’s simply business – and business makes little accommodation for honor.

    And in that aspect, I won’t hold it against any player who walks out on a contract he feels is undervalued. It’s up to him to a) show a history to justify his value; b) find someone who agrees with said value; and c) *continue* to justify it on the field.

    But that athlete deserves no sympathy if he fails in his quest for more money or, worse-case, finds himself on the wrong side of the door when it’s all said and done.

  13. Great response and I definitely respect your side of the opinion.

    Personally, I just flat out believe it to be completely ridiculous when people throw around the term “honor” in a realm very little to no “honor” is shown.

    I’m not a fan of guaranteed contracts, such as Baseball or Basketball because I believe it breeds comfort and secruity that enables players to drastically disregard production and progress after said contract has been signed (Eddie Curry comes to mind, in basketball).

    I do favor non-guaranteed contracts because, imo, in heightens the value of performing and progressing at your profession in sports.

    That said, I will forever (especially after reading the same generic posts from Average Joe-Fan of Sport) back this player or any that outperforms or exceeds expectation on a given contract.

    Turn-about is definitely fair play in my eyes, like it or not.

  14. The point is, his salary is extremely low. Yes it’s his faulty for signing the contract and he’s stuck and most honor, but the salary was to low to begin. I understand MLS is attempting to find the best TV deals, but this salary is to low for a talented players, such as Adrian Cann. Can you imagine a player of the caliber of Richard Dunne of Aston Villa defense making pennies, with high quality skills. Again, Adrian has to live with the decision, but his wages are to low.

  15. As my response to TFC OZZ implies, and to more directly address your claims of “injustice, imbalance and absurdity,” while the club/player position may be imbalanced in MLS (and NFL, for that matter), it is by no means injustice/unfair.


    Nobody’s changing the rules in the middle of the game on these athletes. The owners aren’t taking more power than originally ceded to them – they’re prohibited by the union, actually – and the players should not expect to be given more than they took upon signing.

    They KNOW upon signing (well before then, really) what the situation is. How their contract can be cut or bought out if their performance lacks. They know they have little recourse in the event of a trade or draft move.

    They didn’t consider these terms too unfair, injust or absurd to agree to them… so what has changed?


    I will note that Mr. Cann has full right to not play. That’s the ultimate unfair/injust/absurd clause in his MLS contract – the owners don’t expect you not to play when they decide to sign you, after all. He can “retire” and pull a Ty Harden. But Mr. Cann will have to pray that someone wants to sign him when he enters free agency, at 31, a full year out of professional playing form.

    In that case, more power to him.

  16. You might be right in that a 30-year-old starting CB making 65,000 might seem paltry…

    …but it was the same starting CB, all but a year ago, at 29-years of age, that agreed to those terms.

    If he had the confidence in his skills then as he apparently does now, he should have asked for more – or agreed to a much smaller contract term.

    MLSs salary and contract structure is no surprise to anybody. It’s all but written on the stadium walls. Whether you like the terms or not, you have to admire and respect how visible they are.

    Adrian Cann was more than welcome to follow the Jay DeMerit model and head overseas and trial his rear off. But he didn’t. He signed with TFC. He made a safe, sensible decision and signed with a team that wanted him for X-number of dollars.

    Now he should pay the price.

  17. He signed a contract. He should honor it. Simple as that. No one made him sign for 65K. That said, TFC should do the right thing and prove to their players and fans that exceptional performance earns you a better deal. But TFC doesn’t have to give him a better deal. So I side with TFC. My question is, if it’s not a guaranteed 4 years, and they don’t agree on Year 2, and he walks away, does TFC still own his rights? I unfortunately think so.. The Player’s Union needs to work on that…

  18. Look.. I’m so sick of reading things like this. I hate that ppl get the shaft of their salary I really do, but damn it if you agree to play for xx dollars for x years then you do it. I get so sick of reading this in sports all over the world.

  19. People comparing their job situation to a professional athlete, in any circumstance, is a tired practice that merits literally no weight. It’s beyond comparing apples to oranges.

    So, for the sake of sanity, let’s discontinue that altogether.

    Back on topic:

    It’s my understanding MLS contracts are NOT guaranteed. Can anyone confirm whether they are or are not?

    I believe their are certain types of contracts that are (ie, GA’s) but not across the board, correct?

    If Cann’s contract *isn’t* guaranteed then I sincerely have no problem with him wanting a raise based off performance.

    I don’t care if it’s 65k or 65 million.

    For our fellow sports fans, it’s common practice on the flip-side of that coin for ownership to take advantage and not “honor” contracts when they aren’t guaranteed.

    (See AJ Hawk’s contract being voided yesterday to avoid an escalator in wages that both OWNERSHIP & player agree to and SIGNED…lack or “honoring” a contract, yea?)

    So, in that scenerio given and with my understanding of MLS contracts (not all of them being guaranteed) you can’t blame Cann for seeking higher wages for higher performances.

    I’m sure people well versed in the history of our league could give 10 examples of player contracts being voided based off performance since the league’s inception.

    After all…

    Perform poorly: You’re cut/Contract Terminated/Asked to take a pay cut

    Perform above contract value: Certain fans and ownership say, “Honor your contract, athlete”.

    See the injustice,imbalance and absurdity there of the two FACTUAL scenerios that happen yearly with non-guaranteed contracts in professional sports…. anyone?

  20. Second year of a four-year contract and he wants to renegotiate because he had one solid season? Let him go. I could see approaching this thing after the second year, if he’s clearly playing at a level that is much higher than the contract he originally negotiated. Even then, this is a slippery slope. Totally inappropriate by a player who doesn’t understand anything about the league he’s playing, the financial situation, and his own place in that pantheon.

  21. Well actually the MLS “four year contract” is actually a series of one year contracts with team options for each additional year.

    So to answer your question: Yes they could cut him if he played badly after one year.

  22. Once a player agrees to a contract, they are paid as the contract states. This notwithstanding, incentives should be part of any players contract, especially for those whose salary, in this short lived profession, is low. Having said this, I believe that by him being elected as MVP, this would warrant some sort of bonus or pay increase. As fay as $135,000 pay increase, if this is indeed the case, comes across as high. However, a bump would be deemed appropriate. The MLS league is not yet in the position to pay all the players appropriately however, should at least reward those who earned it.

  23. these days every team has mvps for the sake of having mvp. even if the team goes winless. doesnt mean just b/c they’re mvp they get a raise (unless its written into their contract)

  24. What the hell do you think MLS has been doing? Negotiating without trying to get the biggest TV contract possible?

  25. I think everyone who works in the industry I work in should not make less than $1 million a year.

    I wonder what my boss will think if I walk out in protest? Probably real hard to find a replacement in the current economy. 🙂

  26. It doesn’t matter that 65000 isn’t a lot of money.

    He AGREED to make that money. So if you think he’s getting paid peanuts, then you’re saying he’s an idiot for agreeing to play for peanuts.

    Honestly, Cann probably wouldn’t have a starting job on many MLS teams except DC United (who suck).

    65000 is not bad for a backup.

  27. Hey, you know what? He signed a contract. Period. Honor the contract. Period. If he thought $65,000 was not enough before, he should have never signed the contract. Too bad. I don’t care if he is 30 years old. What has he done before to warrant a bigger contract? If he had done something before than, he would have a bigger contract anyway, but he did not.

    Do I agree he is worth more than what he is getting paid? Of course but that is not the question. This should be a lesson to anyone signing a contract, 16, 25, or 30 years old.

    Hey Cann, get back to work!!!

  28. Some are saying Cann is in the wrong — I disagree. The contract is a legal document that gives him certain rights and obligations. If he wants to hold-out and risk a contract dispute, that’s not necessarily “wrong.” $65k is crap for a professional athlete, and this one doesn’t have many playing years left. If he thinks this tactic might get him more money, than, well, I would do the same thing if I were in his shoes. Sometimes you do have US athletes holding out for unwarranted and absurd somes in a way that is tasteless. That’s not the situation here.

  29. 65,000 is pennies. What a joke of a salary for a professional. No one in the MLS should make less than 150,000. It’s time for the MLS to negotiate serious TV contracts and produce better salaries. This will led to higher caliber players. I can’t blame him for being annoyed with a low salary for high quality of play.

  30. He entered a 4 year contract for job security. Now he is greedy and wanting more money with the same level of security. If he wanted more money he should have only agreed to one or two year contract

  31. I mean, not many industries have contracts where you or your employer can’t be released for no reason. Since these contracts are providing future guarantee of payment, I wonder why they don’t include some sort of penalty for failure to abide by the contract.

    Guess there is some sort of law governing this.

  32. This has become an epidemic in all of US Professional Sports. You signed a contract to play X number of years for X amount of money. If you are in the last year of your contract and want to try and negotiate a new contract before your current one expires…fine. But if the club doesn’t want to renegotiate at that time then live with the contract terms you’ve got until you become a free agent. Just because you had 1 good year does not in my opinion necessitate a larger salary. If he were to have a crap year could the club cut his pay the following year…NO.

    Sometimes I really hate how professional atheletes act.

  33. TFC needs to handle their business. The club reeks of mismanagement. Continuous coach upheaval, ticket price gouging, inability to manage and control their employees? They are making MLS look bad while carrying the Canadian flag. Hopefully Vancouver will show them how to operate a business and be the class of our neighbors to the north. Toronto FC certainly isn’t.

  34. he should never have signed a four year contract.

    he is a good player and is drastically underpaid for his role ont he team, but he signed the contract.

    the mls can’t get into the habit of renegotiating contracts of every player who has a good year unless the union allows them to reduce the pay of all the players who don’t earn their salaries.

  35. Problem with entering contracts.

    If this is only his second year on the contract, it’s foolish to expect an increase in salary based on one season. Surely a bump is warranted, but if he’s asking for $150,000 on one season that’s madness…

  36. I think for a 30 year old starting CB to be making 65,000 is nuts. Although there are a huge amount of factors, such as TFC apparently adding on agent fees (Cann had no agent is my understanding) I really hate to see this happen. He’s a good player and hopefully this can all be sorted out.


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