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Cascadia Summit: Seattle vs. Portland (Your Running Commentary)



It might just be a pre-season game, but any time soccer teams from the Pacific Northwest meet, the match has special meaning.

The Seattle Sounders take on the Portland Timbers tonight in the first game of the Cascadia Summit, a round-robin tournament featuring the Sounders, Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps. All three games this weekend are being played in Seattle.

Tonight's match is being streamed live on the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders team websites. If you will be watching (or attending) tonight's pre-season match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I’m not trying to underrate what PDX did today. They played well and they finished their chances.

    Seattle create many more chances. We dominated the midfield and generally controlled the pitch, but we didn’t finish. PDX did. They deserved the win. . . .

    . . . . on the day. Hats off to them.

    At the end of the season, we’re a better team.

    The MLS is very competitive. Any team can beat any other team on any given day. Over the course of the season, class will rise to the top.

  2. Oh well, goal scoring is over rated.

    @ Nani- I donno if el Flaco is the key for SSFC this season. I’d prefer to see a threat through the center of midfield other than Alonso.

  3. We dominated the match, we just didn’t finish our chances. PDX finished theirs, and got the win.

    I’m not worried, as over the course of the season class will rise to the top, but on any given night anyone can finish

    But I’m a Cascadian Nationalist. I truly hope that Portland finishes third in MLS. 🙂

  4. Goals. Flaco needs goals. All theory about pretty football aside, Zakuani was our only goal-threat from the midfield this year. We need goals from the mid from other people this year if we’re gonna take the next step.

  5. I love Arlo. In this case, he’s explaining to the listening audience how the referee made a controversial decision about how the Sounders didn’t get the call and the ref got it right. That’s class.

  6. Portland doesn’t need to build its brand cause we already have fans.

    Seattle got “great fans” because they got MLS.
    Portland got MLS because they have great fans.

  7. Yeah I just wish both teams would try to work the ball up the field on the ground. Its much more fun to watch that way

  8. I find it funny that PDX is not wearing their colors. Since day 1 Sounders were all about building a brand with the green.

    PDX isn’t even wearing a real kit, hiding their kit until the season starts.

  9. Where’s Ngabe?

    I’ve been watching the Spurs/Heat and Sounders/Timbers so I haven’t been completely focused…but I agree that Zizzo has looked good, Seattle is clearly a team that’s played together more as evidenced by their passing, however Seattle’s struggling in the final third…2 cents

  10. Oh dear. As a Sounders fan, I fear the potential of these matchups to create the good ol’ BigSoccer atmosphere all over the internet.

    Well taken by Pellazo (msp?), but Keller really shouldn’t spill that one. Fernandez missed quite the sitter as well.

    In general, both teams seem to dislike the narrow pitch at Starfire. Having refereed plenty of games on that pitch, its perfect for quality youth teams and adult kick abouts, but I’m not convinced it is worthy of these guys.

  11. Um, yeah. Seattle’s been dominant defensively and in midfield, save the good connecting play that ended with the goal for PDX. Keller makes that save 90% of the time, but sometimes the ball goes in.

    Seattle is still having trouble carrying the ball from the middle 1/3 to the final 1/3. The only effective CAM we’ve had is Montero.

    Zizzo has been the best player in the match, save Nkufo, who we can’t get the ball to.

    I’m expecting much more out of Seattle in the second half, and if we don’t see much more of an attacking instinct out of Evans, Fernandez and Zak, then I’m plenty happy to see Friberg, Rosales and White give it a go.

  12. lol. Portland killing Seattle? Are we watching the same game? The one time they play the ball on the ground they score, but otherwise Seattle has held the run of play

  13. portland is killing seattle

    brunner dropped N’kufo like a ton of bricks with that clean tackle

    and steve purdy and sal zizzo are embarrassing seattle’s left side.

  14. Other than that nice sequence of passing by the Timbers on the goal, the Sounders have been in control for the most part. Nice to see so many fans supporting their teams in the pre-season in the rain.

  15. Well, that’s just because I was wrong! 😉 Frankly, MOTM so far’s been Sizzo. Nkufo’s been dangerous when we’ve gotten the ball to his feet in the final 1/3, but that’s only happened two or three times.

  16. too much long ball by the outside backs on both teams. As soon as they feel a little pressured they hoof it up the field.

  17. hmm doesnt sound like harkesy to me. a nice little buildup on the portland goal but the fans are the star so far. really impressive atmosphere including the evergreens in the background.

  18. Yeah, my stream is fine but the lighting and camerawork is pretty bad. But it’s free. Can’t understand why it always get’s dark in Portland offensive third

    Game is pretty sloppy. Very wet and windy


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