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Chelsea 2, Manchester United 1: Match Highlights


  1. You do understand the economic significance of finsihing fourth vs fifth right?

    With the new revenue rules coming into effect, Chelsea, spurs and city are playing for their financial lives.

    Huge three points for chelsea yesterday.

  2. I’m a United supporter, and I will say that we were on the wrong end of some big calls yesterday. The PK was soft, but when you look at it full speed, that’s a tough one for officials. I’m more angered by Luiz not getting sent off for a second yellow. Pretty ridunkulous.

    Having said that, maybe the football gods were evening the score a bit after this past weekend’s miniature boxing match at Wigan. Yes, I’m pissed, but United/Rooney were fortunate this weekend … enter the karma police.

    Should have took it to Chelsea for the remainder of the first half and searched for a second instead of sitting back.

  3. In the end the only thing this does for Chelsea is boost their confidence for the Champions, because in my opinion they have a nil chance of winning the league, which catastrophe aside will be won by ManU.

  4. Well, I love Fergie complaining about referees, surely United have had their share if luck on questionable decisions.

    That said I think what we have here is a dive that won a big match, and that’s no good. If you look at the replay of the foul in slow motion, Zhirkov’s feet leave the ground before he makes any contact with Smalling.

    Whatever team you like, we’ve got to get rid of the acting.

  5. absurd penalty?? The defender could have very easily taken his leg out of the way instead of leaving it there. I think what’s more absurd is an intentional elbow to the head in the middle of the field and only receiving a caution.

  6. Ferguson is without a doubt going to be in trouble with the FA. And with that said, his post-game rant is sickeningly hypocritical and inappropriate.

    For him to claim that Chelsea has only beaten Manchester United (3 years in a row) because of the officiating is rather sad.

    And he came out and claims that Manchester United played a great game and didn’t deserve to lose. Come on Ferguson, United would have lost to West Ham in the second half with the way they played.


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