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FIFA meeting to determine allocation of 32 spots for 2014 World Cup

The member nations of CONCACAF will soon find out how many places in the 2014 FIFA World Cup they will be vying for over the next three years.

FIFA's executive committee is currently meeting in Zurich to determine how many of the 32 spots each confederation will receive at the next World Cup.

CONCACAF representatives Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer are pushing for a fourth guaranteed berth for the region. As it presently stands, CONCACAF has three spots, with a fourth team facing off against a fifth-placed qualifier from South America in a playoff for one other spot. A vote by FIFA's executive committee on the final distribution of World Cup berths is set to take place after the current meetings end.

How many spots do you think CONCACAF deserves? Would you like to see the region get a fourth guaranteed berth?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. CAF will take them without even thinking twice. Even CONMEBOL would too. The US would not stand a chance. What is it about US that is that fun to watch? No creativity, vanilla football from all these boring players. When you produce a guy fun to watch like Gio Dos Santos, Chicharito, Carlos Vela, Juarez, Torrado then you might be able to play football. There is nothing your team does that no one does way better than you. You can’t play this game.

    (SBI-And trolls can’t post repeated comments looking to antagonize readers on this site. Thanks for stopping by.)

  2. Totally Agree!! 3.5 for Concacaf, BUT have the playoff with an Oceania, or an Asian team. Its ALMOST the same as having that fourth spot.

  3. I’d rather watch African teams in the World Cup with great attractive football. Players from there play for top clubs in Europe. Mexico is the only team that plays attractive football that’s pleasing to the eye. The US thumbing the ball and running and hustling; anybody can do that. Give me some good football. I don’t want vacation spots in the World Cup.

  4. T oeveryone saying that Africa (CAF) Deserves 5 spots and CONCACAF only deserve 3 because Afriac is so much better…You are oncrack..


    Total teams reprsented in W.C.:

    CAF: 35 (Last 3 W.C. 5-5-6)

    CONCACAF: 34 (Last 3 W.C. 3-4-3)

    Total teams making it to round of 16:

    CAF: 7 (Last 3 W.C. 1-1-1)

    CONCACAF: 10 (Last 3 W.C 2-1-2)

    Total teams Making it to the Quarterfinals:

    CAF: 3 (Last 3 W.C 1-0-1)

    CONCACAF:4 (Last 3 W.C 1-0-0)

    Teams Making it ot the Semi-finals:

    CAF: 0 (Last 3 W.C 0-0-0)

    CONCACAF:1 (Last 3 W.C 0-0-0)(USA in 1930)

    CONCACAF record is much better than CAF, historically and recently and with LESS spots.

    We do deserve the 4thspot, and itshould be taken from AFRICA, split it with COMNBOL…Only fair!!!!

  5. CONCACAF: 2 out of 3

    Okay but those are the only two good teams in CONCACAF.

    Look at the teams that didn’t make it from Europe: Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, I could list ten more.

    Which is the next highest ranked CONCACAF team, Trinidad and Tobago?

  6. No one seriously believes CONCACAF deserves 4 spots, do they? Look at any ranking system, FIFA, ELO, etc. Unfortunately we have no depth and probably only deserve 3.

    Hell even if the pool was expanded to 42 we might only deserve 4.

  7. Which five countries in Concacaf deserve to be in the World Cup? With top players playing for top clubs in Europe from those countries that anyone wants to watch? Mexico is fun to watch and that’s it from Concacaf. Every other team in this region are nothing more than vacation spots; I don’t want vacation spots in the biggest sporting event in world.
    Africa will retain it’s 5 spots. It’s had that since 1998 and a lot more entertaining football and payers from there compared to Concacaf with Mexico as the only entertaining team to watch.


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