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Fire signs Croatian midfielder Maric


The Chicago Fire's international makeover continues.

The Fire signed 27-year-old Croatian midfielder Marko Maric, who joins fellow countryman, defender Josep Mikulic, in Chicago.

Maric was most recently with Skoda Xanthi in Greece and previously played for NK Zagreb in Croatia and Lille in France. Along with Maric and Mukulic, the Fire also added internationals in Uruguayan strikers Diego Chaves and Gaston Puerari during the offseason.

What do you think about the signing? Do you see Maric being a factor in 2011?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i hope this works out. word from peter lowery who is now on timbers was that CDLC would not let him play. i hope CDLC puts it together. i was not happy at all with castillo and whoever brought that man in is nuts. the new players will not doubt be better than castillo.

  2. I think the Fire will have the same record they had last year. CDLC doesn’t have 4 years to build up. I say he is gone at the end of the season. Klopas too.

  3. alf, good to see you are basing your comments on actual performance so far this year. Oh wait, what’s that you say, the team hasn’t even played a regular season game yet? Maybe hold off your critique until you actually see the product on the field in a game that counts?

  4. I’m just relieved that we’re at least paying a little bit of attention to the midfield, given all the focus on forwards and defenders. Haven’t seen him play yet, so I don’t know if we’re looking at a Pause-Maric pairing in the central midfield, and if that’s, you know, any good.

    I’ve been very critical of de los Cobos, but if you buy into the “I couldn’t play the kind of soccer I wanted to last season because I didn’t have the personnel” excuse, he’s certainly doing something about it. Or giving himself enough rope to hang himself by the All-Star break.

  5. Watching their friendlies they looked pretty decent, I think they may be a surprise this year and have a turn around. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.

  6. “Their stories”? Are you Dave O’Brien?

    Sure, Thorrington was good, but he was hurt a lot.

    You miss Krol? Umanzor?

    CJ Brown retired, McBride retired. Not a lot you can do about that.

    Put it this way–Chicago may still suck, but they’ll do so with a more or less complete team from the get-go, unlike the Revs or TFC or Vancouver or anyone else thinking that adding players in July will save them.

    I would’ve been more surprised had they NOT made wholesale changes. I’m glad they happened before the season started.

  7. You know that feeling you have as a fan? The feeling where you are uber comfortable watching your team because you know all the guys, their stories, and how they play?

    I feel like the Fire organization just said, screw you fans, and destroyed all of that. I am Fire til I die, but I don’t even know who is playing anymore. I feel like i’m watching some imported squad play in our uniforms.

    Kinda sucks to be a fan.

  8. Chicago will likely suck this year, maybe better only than the expansion teams. None of the roster moves made by the same people last year panned out, and there have been a huge number of additional roster moves this year. With this level of turnover, Chicago looks about as well planned out as Toronto did under trading Mo. DLC will keep the game or roster musical chairs going until he’s fired about 10 games into the season. Sorry, Fire fans.

  9. Lots of international players with none of the DP price tags this year… I guess the word went down to spend the recruiting budget on scouting rather than chasing the big names. If this side does well, it will be a vindication for CDLC and the scouting acumen of Klopas et al. It also seems like they’re trying to bring in pairs of international players – for communication? to ease adjustments? one-stop shopping to keep the recruiting budget in check? The two Uruguayans (Puerari and Chaves) and now Maric to match Mikulic.

  10. saw the kid play against the Red Bulls. He will solidify the middle for the Fire. If the Fire only have 3 in the back, you will see this kid a lot because he has a great knack for reading the play and stopping a counter-attack before it happens. Great signing by the Fire.

  11. Great news for Chicago! I have never seen either of these guys play, but Chicago has a huge Croatian community so this should bring in more fans.

    Every MLS team should sign a Croatian, Sounders will be in for Modric this summer!


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