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Guzan returning to Hull City on loan

BradGuzan (Getty Images)

U.S. national team goalkeeper Brad Guzan is returning to Hull City on another month-long loan, sources close to Guzan told SBI on Sunday.

Guzan spent two months with Hull City before returning to Aston Villa at the beginning of March. With back-up goalkeeper Matt Duke heading to Derby County on an emergency loan, Hull City turned back to Guzan to challenge starter Vito Mannone for the top spot.

Guzan made 11 appearances for Hull City, posting four shutouts.

With a move away from Aston Villa likely this summer, Guzan is in dire need of playing time to help boost his value on the open market. A permanent move to Hull City shouldn't be ruled out considering the only other experienced keeper on the books at Hull City is Mannone, who is on loan from Arsenal.


  1. I feel the first squad is being unfairly penalized by only starting 10 men. I vote Jeff Agoos as the second center back.

  2. not to be a self-obsessed american, but i’d love to be a fly on teh wall to watch the following scrimmage:

    Lichaj – Goodson – Bornstein
    Bedoya – Diskerrud – Holden
    —-Agudelo – Bunbury—-


    —Donovan – Dempsey–
    Feilhaber — Jones — Holden
    Boca — Gooch — Edu — ‘dolo

    that would be hot.

  3. Jamie,

    What a comment! Thought out and reasoned… something I don’t see much around here.

    I will agree with you on Heskey and Agbonlahor. However, Heskey hasn’t been useful for years and Agbonlohor hasn’t seem much action at all. Hasn’t he been deployed on the wing at times as well? I have always been a Carew fan going back to his Valencia days and now he is gone… It seems none of the players got any consistent playing time this year. Whether that is because of injuries you may know more about as I haven’t followed them as much this year.

    I love the way Villa plays as evidenced by the game with Bolton on Saturday. They go down your throat it seems at all times which could address the defensive issues they have. How many times is the back line hung out to dry?

    I think Young leaves this Summer for Liverpool. I really hope they don’t import a ton of players from abroad as Villa is one of those great British teams like Leeds years back that seems to have that attacking swagger. The old English clubs would just blaze past you and attack for 90 minutes. There are few teams that get me pumped like that anymore.

  4. I’m not excited about the prospect of supporting a Villa team next season without any Americans in it. Friedel and Guzan look to be on their way out, Eric Lichaj does not appear to be in the manager’s plans, and Michael Bradley still has it all to do to make sure his loan becomes permanent. I’d really like to see at least one or two of these guys in the lineup next season, but I have my doubts.

  5. I’m not a Houllier supporter by any means, but I disagree with you on both counts.

    I do imagine Houllier will be around next season as he seems to have the support of the board as he seeks to change the playing style of the club from the counterattacking style they favored under O’Neill to a more fluid attacking style. He has recently come out as said that he fears he will have to wait until the end of the season to address Villa’s defensive frailties, as well, as it would be counterproductive to implement a new system at this point in the season. This suggests he feels a certain confidence that he will be around next year.

    Also, I disagree that Villa have one of the best teams in the league on paper, especially when you factor in the injury issues they have dealt with all season. Downing, Young, and Albrighton are all exciting attackers and Bent has been a useful acquisition, but Heskey and Agbonlahor have been woeful this season. The defense has been in shambles since before Martin O’Neill left, and even that unit has been so heavily depleted by injury and suspension that it features a new, untested lineup virtually every week. The center of the pitch is also an issue, with no players stepping forward to put claim to a regular starting role. Petrov has been laid low with injury most of the season and when he has played, his performances have been poor. Reo-Coker has played relatively well, for the most part, but neither Bradley, Delph, or Makoun have had time to establish themselves in the lineup.

    Bottom line, I don’t think Villa, at this point, are all that much better than they’ve been playing, nor do I think there are too many coaches who would be able to walk in and have them playing like a Top 4 team on the fly. Sure, I would love to bring on a coach like Ralf Rangnick, StÃ¥le Solbakken, or Jürgen Klopp, but I don’t necessarily see it happening.

  6. Vito Mannone is the best keeper at Arsenal, but fortunately for Hull City, Arsenal seem to have not realised yet.

    Brad will probably be coming back and it’s true that he’s done a decent job for us, but I’m afraid he’s not in the same class as Mannone.

  7. Not bad, not bad. 🙂

    But it’s not they are very poor keepers. They are fine for the Hull City’s of the world and such, just not for a team on Arsenal’s level.

  8. Houllier won’t be manager next year…

    Villa, on paper, should be one of the best teams in the Prem and look what he’s done for them.

  9. Guzan has been great for us at Hull. Glad to have him back. However Mannone is a decent keeper and is probably a little more quick witted with his distribution.

  10. I’ve never understood why Guzan has not been given more of a shot in England.
    He seems rather solid, I have quite a bit of confidence in him as our #2 GK.
    He has performed well at Hull City so far, let’s hope it continues.

  11. And Lichaj got screwed, too IMO. Next will be MB Jr.

    Steven Ireland had some choice comments about Gerard (among others) recently.

  12. Friedel has maintained himself very well, but AV really did themselves a disservice by not loaning Guzan out last year itself. They have a very talented keeper just regressing on the bench.

  13. so… the only goalie on they have on the books they loaned out? Seems like theyre benefitting fromloaningout a lesser keper and bringing in a better one, not that I’m complaining. Guzan has played great for them and I can only assume it will continue. Guzan shouldn’t have a problem finding a team next year.


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