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JELD-WEN Field replaces PGE Park


Goodbye, PGE Park. Hello, JELD-WEN Field.

The Portland Timbers have made a number of renovations to their home stadium, and the latest one is a park re-branding after the club changed the name of its stadium from PGE Park to JELD-WEN Field.

JELD-WEN is a doors and windows company based in Klamath Falls, Ore., and it will have its name on the stadium as the park opens its doors as a Major League Soccer venue for the first time on Apr. 14, when the Timbers host the Chicago Fire.

Do you like the new name? Would you prefer PGE Park? Hope the money from the naming rights is used for a Designated Player?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “including Nike and Adidas”

    Oh, you mean adidas, the LEAGUE-WIDE sponsor? You know, the EXCLUSIVE sports apparel sponsor for Major League Soccer.

    As for Nike, you might want to look up the definition for exclusive.

  2. Really? This isn’t 1996. MLS teams are providing sponsors real value. This apologetic/grateful attitude is so old. Time to move on and accept MLS is way better in talent and way further along as a bussines can comments like this accept.

  3. Out of all the possible big name sponsors in oregon, including Nike and Adidas, this is the best their sales team could sign-up? Jeld Wen? Timbers, if you’re looking to upgrade your salse team let me know, I’ll send you my resume.

  4. 2 us open cups is a nice achievement…but put it in perspective, winning an mls cup is a lot more of an achievement. for example, i bet (if not guarantee) most soccer fans would have an easier time naming the past 5 premier league champions then the past 5 fa cup champions. winning the cup is nice, winning the league gets you remembered.

  5. Czo13: Hmm, I believe you’re simply just jealous of incredible fan bases. Don’t you just want some of this Sounder/Timber goodness…

  6. Uh hu, you mean that airline with the corporate HQ in Seattle but named after another state and flies all over the west coast, including many stops at PDX? Oh yeah, why would they ever want to sponsor a team outside of Washington and who would take their money! The nerve!

    Shame on English teams for being sponsored by Emirates and Samsung too.

    Get off it Flounder troll.

  7. They are okay. Nothing to write home about. But they do have character.

    Pretty poor new name for PGE, but I’m happy for the Timbers that they went with a local company.

    At least they didn’t go with another Seattle-based sponsor.

  8. So in this years tournament the Sounders will have to win a total of what, three matches or something to win the USOC? Oooooo. Wow. I’m just overwhelmed.

  9. OK, peace offering… and respect to Brooklyn by the way, my dad was born there… anyway, I don’t think Red Bull had your parents in mind when developing their marketing plan. But that said, now your parents know what Red Bull is. And that was the whole point to sponsoring the team. Now a lot more people will know who Jeld-Wen is too. It’s good for them and MLS.

  10. All I am trying to say is:

    New York Red Bulls play in Red Bull Arena

    New York Yankees play in Yankee Stadium

    To the casual viewer (My Mother and Father come to mind) Red Bull arena comes across as not being a sponsor while JELD-WEN is no doubt a sponsor.

    My Mother and Father honestly thought Red Bull Arena was named after the team.
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  11. Nobody outside of Seattle cares about your USOC wins. Sure, they’re nice for you. But call everyone when the USOC doesn’t make most of MLS “play-in” and when most MLS teams take the USOC seriously.

  12. OK, sorry… no disrespect to RBNY, Galaxy, or Dallas supporters… and Red Bull Arena is an impressive venue… but come on, Red Bull “Arena”?

    That said, while you’re on the subject of random people, a random person should probably care more about their doors and windows than a “energy drink” with no nutritional value. I mean, that’s if these random folks use their brains and all.

  13. Home Depot, low quality employees… Pizza Hut, low quality pizza… Qwest, low quality communications… Red Bull, no nutritional value… come on man.

  14. How is Jeld-Wen is better than Red Bull Arena

    Portland Timbers play at Jeld-Wen

    New York Red Bulls play at Red Bull Arena

    to a random person which makes the most sense, dont be douch use your brain


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