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Timbers acquire Jewsbury from Sporting KC

Jack Jewsbury 1 (Getty Images)

The Portland Timbers are getting ready to kickoff their inaugural season, and they have added a veteran MLS midfielder to help their cause.

Portland acquired midfielder Jack Jewsbury from Sporting Kansas City in exchange for allocation money on Monday. Jewsbury joins a midfield that includes, among others, Jeremy Hall, Adam Moffat and recently-acquired Sal Zizzo.

Jewsbury, who has spent all of his eight MLS season with Kansas City, played in 29 regular season matches last year, starting in 17 and scoring two goals. In his entire career with Kansas City, Jewsbury played in 195 matches, scoring 15 goals and recording 21 assists. 

What do you think of this trade? Think Kansas City will miss Jewsbury? See him having a big impact in Portland?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Go back and read again. I said the playoffs are “not outside the realm of possibility”. I prefer to be an optimist. But if they prove to be not good enough, then they’re not good enough.

    I’m not making any bold predictions for their first MLS season. But in a year or two, yeah, I have high expectations for the franchise.

  2. With the playoffs now open to 10 teams it does not strike me as out of the question that the Timbers could sneak in on the back end. As a Portland-born and breed NYCer, I fully plan on following Timbers up and down the Eastern seaboard and coming home to see a few games as well. I am not alone in that sentiment. Portland is going to be a very difficult place to go and get a result.

    The West is tough but those Portland – Seattle – Vancouver games aren’t going to be decided by skill alone – a derby can yield any set of bizarre results. And Chivas USA have regressed a bit and if Chris Wondolowski regresses as well… I’m not trying to play a “million-and-one” fantasies but I think the Timbers enter play with a lot of reasons to be hopeful.

  3. I don’t think they regret letting the supporters know of their intentions to bring in a high level of talent. And for what it’s worth, they mentioned (to paraphrase) targeting a “best in mls” central midfielder in November after the expansion draft. It’s only in the past couple weeks that they found out they weren’t getting him.

  4. Playoffs? You’re talking about playoffs?

    They’re an expansion team. They make sure they can actually win some games before talking about whether or not they can make the playoffs.

  5. The West is looking tough on paper. But the thing I like about MLS is its unpredictability… so who knows? I think they’ll be better than a lot of people think, so I don’t think the playoffs are outside the realm of possibility.

    But I think you’re generally right, give them a year or two and they should be a regular playoff team. I’ll give them a grace period. But after that I expect trophies.

  6. I think the Timbers must regret leaking word of a “star CM” a few weeks ago. Nobody was really talking about their midfield before, then all of a sudden the narrative was “Their midfield is weak. Must do something.”

    That said, nothing against Lowry, Moffat, et al… but you can never have too much experience and help at midfield. So I think Jewsbury is a good move for the Timbers, especially if he is solid defensively like some people are saying.

  7. It is a good signing for the Timbers but I really think we have an outside shot at the play-offs. Really just depends on how well the team comes together. The biggest question mark is the Central Midfield and they are starting to address that.

  8. ^ This. I don’t think it could be better said, “Another small, but impressive signing” by the Timbers.

    That said, we’re not a playoff team. We’ll play at a solid level and no one will want to face us at home, but we’ll go through our expansion bumps and bruises.

    Give us a couple years and you should see us in the playoffs.

  9. Seems the Timbers missed out on a big central midfield playmaker and now are doing what they can to make sure what they put on the field is at least above the expectations of an expansion team.

    I think this is another small but impressive signing.

    Where do you think the Timbers will finish in the West? Are the playoffs within reach?

  10. Jewsbury was a serviceable player in his time at KC. However, with the new 4-3-3 hybrid formation he has become surplus to requirements. At best he would have been a spot starter or most likely relegated to the bench/reserve league. He should do well with an expansion franchise-giving them a veteran in the midfield can’t hurt. Guy has a rocket of an outside shot to boot, helps keep the defense honest. Best of luck to him and hopefully KC finds some defensive help with that allocation money.

  11. Sort of surprised. Jewsbury is not a flashy player, but is solid/consistent by MLS standards…certainly capable of starting on most MLS teams. As stated above, I assume they have someone they feel can add more stability.


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