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MLS Season Preview: New York Red Bulls


2010 could have been the year the New York Red Bulls won it all. It could have been, but a lackluster playoff performance erased the impressive feat of going from last place in the Eastern Conference to first place.

The Red Bulls are determined to build on that turnaround, and have revamped their roster with some promising acquisitions that should keep New York among the favorites to lift the MLS Cup in November. With a healthy Thierry Henry and handful of new signings, the Red Bulls are poised for a big year.

Here is my Fox Soccer preview on the team that heads into 2011 as the clear-cut favorite in the East. 

Here are some more thoughts on the Red Bulls as they head into the 2011 season:

2011 New York Red Bulls

They'll win because: Thierry Henry will be much better than in 2010 and Juan Agudelo will blossom into a true goal-scoring threat.

They'll lose because: The goalkeeping position becomes a problem and the fullback positions become a weakness.

Player who could break out: Juan Agudelo

Player who could regress: Bouna Coundoul

Player who needs to improve on 2010: Roy Miller

Newcomer to watch: Jan Gunnar Solli

Projected Finish: Eastern Conference champion, MLS Cup finalist.


Think the Red Bulls can win their first title? What area of the squad of do you still consider a weakness? Who are you looking forward to seeing in 2011?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You neglected to mention John Rooney at all in your article (if nothing else he is one of the newcomers and should have been listed). Do you expect him to contribute at all

  2. totally agree. and there has to be something rotten in Denmark to make a crackhead move like firing these coaches on the eve of the season. There also has to be a reason why the Red Fools have clammed up tight about what and why. This can’t be good.

  3. you mean i made one mistake all year that had no bearing on how Redbull finished ? wow i wonder why this guy has such a hard time with fan doubt ? he’s better than the majority of keepers in mls. its just his goalkicks that sucks IMO>

  4. Is teemu tainio officially signed? It sounds like everyone is counting him in already but i don’t recall hearing he was signed. Has he become more than just a trialist?

    (SBI-Tainio is NOT signed yet, but word I’m getting is that it’s close. Once he’s added, the concern about the fullbacks will diminish some, but Roy Miller remains a question mark.)

  5. I don’t think Coundoul is as bad as people say. Sometimes he makes mistakes that look terrible, but I don’t think he conceded a rebound goal all year in 2010. I don’t think he’ll be a problem, I think the main issue is with figuring out how to come together as a team when there are so many new players. Hopefully with their depth they will be able to overcome the Gold Cup losses and get the #1 seed.

  6. Not much mention about Dane Richards. For a few years now RBNY has played their best when he does. I have found his play alternately inspired and infuriating though he seemed to be much improved last year. Which Richards will we get this year?

  7. Key losses should include Richie Williams and Des; the club will move on without them but I would have liked to know more about their firing.

    Richie has been key with player acquisitions, including drafting college players, and holding the team together in times of coaching changes. Des has proven himself in helping keeper after keeper from Tim Howard to Bouna. It makes one wonder what Richie and Des did?

    Solli and Teemu look like fantastic acquisitions.

    This team will do as well as Henry and Marquez do just as the team did last year. I hope this year the team wins the Supporters Shield, MLS Cup and US Open Cup.

  8. What’s up with Tony Tchani? To me he’s one of the more gifted young box to box midfielders in the league, who if he continues to make progress could become just as big a force as Sharlie Joseph. No mention of him in your write ups …

  9. Yep. Although I’m less worried about the fullbacks. Miller is a shaky defender, but he’s excellent getting forward, and you can’t question Tainio’s pedigree. Plus, we’ve got depth with Albright and Borman.

    My only concern with this team is it’s occasional nonchalance. They sometimes turned the possession game into a kind of fetish and forgot about scoring. Even Backe said their needs to be more enthusiasm in the top third of the field. They can’t just sit back and pass the ball. Watch Barca play. They are always looking to score, not just play keep-away.

  10. Coundoul can make great athletic plays and then he makes mistakes that just drive me crazy. I see why they like him at the keeper position but I hope he does not regress.


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