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Must-See Video: 1990 USA World Cup Team Song

Not much I can say other than watch this video if A) you were a fan of the 1990 U.S. World Cup team and/or B) you want a good laugh:



  1. Pure awesomeness. White guys CAN dance! [Props also to Nitro of the American Gladiators, L.A. Kings great Luc Robitaille, and legendary L.A. sportscaster Jim Hill.]

  2. Who is good with the faces and names? This was made around when I was born so the only people I was able to spot were:

    Paul Caligiuri
    John Harkes
    Tony Meola

  3. I’ve been following US Soccer and MLS since 1996 and I’ve always wondered why soccer hadn’t taken off in the US like it had in the rest of the world. Now I know why 🙂

  4. I recorded the last 2 minutes of this from MTV during a commercial in the middle of US vs Italy on TNT. Ah, commercials… I’ve been looking for it ever since.


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