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New York Red Bulls vs. Atlas (Match Night Commentary)



The New York Red Bulls are less than two weeks away from kicking off their 2011 season and tonight's friendly against Atlas (10pm, MSG +) should offer a good measure of how close to ready the club is for the new campaign.

The Red Bulls are still trying to sort out the forward line, while also tweaking the back-line. That's not to mention the goalkeeper position, which is apparently up for grabs now.

SBI will be providing commentary on the match, including on-site updates from Jose Romero, who is in Arizona for the match. Please feel free to follow along with us, and as always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump)


  1. Jose, your analysis is factually incorrect. The refs “favoring” NY on offside calls is actually the referee seeing Atlas forwards five feet beyond the last defender. Every time. No bias needed there buddy.

  2. Jose…wahhhhhhhhhh the referee favored the red bull…have you not seen EVERY GAME any american team has team played in Mexico or central America? Now that’s a screwing. I know it’s hard to say but red bull outplayed and out techniqued a Mexican team. Not significanly but a little. Admit…doesn’t it feel good when you say it #redbull

  3. NY looked better the second half. That own goal was unlucky, but they were relying on the off-sides trap and there they paid for it by not being in a position to close down the shooter.

    Henry must get really frustrated. It seems like he would make a nice run and pass and then never receive the ball back because the player he passed to would lose it. Belouchy cannot hold the ball and it was killing any buildup play. Perhaps they should reconsider starting Tchani in the middle.

  4. I’m right there with you on Ballouchy, how about that pass back and forth with Henry he had for a good two minutes when he could have turned and gone elsewhere like Henry clearly wanted him to do.

  5. To be fair, the ref has been calling some ticky-tack fouls and has not let much rythm develop for either team. I also thought the back four of NY have done a good job holding their line.

  6. That was some really sad soccer. Atlas hasn’t proved much of a threat but NYRB cannot get anything going and look really undisciplined on both sides of the ball. I realize its preseason but I hope that this is not a reflection of their attitude this year. Perhaps the recent coaching shakeup has the players a bit unfocused.

  7. So whats the deal with tickets? How do i know that I’ll be going to the US’s game if i dont know if they are gonna be the group winner or the runner up? Or does it give me the option of specifically choosing the US game. Sorry for my ignorance.


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