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SBI Live Q&A set for 8pm Tonight

It's that time again folks. Time to have a night-time edition of the SBI Live Q&A.

If you're looking to talk MLS, U.S. national team, UEFA or CONCACAF Champions League, or any soccer topics at all really, tonight's the night to do just that.

Check in tonight at 8pm and have your soccer (and pop culture) questions ready and I'll answer as many of them as I can.

See you all tonight.


  1. Why do you think American soccer journalists have not done more to expose the blatant corruption in FIFA and CONCACAF? It seems like a guy could do a 10 part exposé on Jack Warner alone. Bill Archer is a lonely voice in the wilderness. Where are the Grant Wahls and Jack Vecseys here? Why not more muckraking and outrage?

  2. Are you going Simmons-Marathon Style since you cut it short last time? (Due to being under the weather. Totally understandable!)

    (SBI-Yeah, that’s the idea. Plan to put in some real hours. I was actually very sick during the last Q&A, but sucked it up for my people. Well, at least until I got tired of puking between questions. Haha.)

  3. Ives, I’ll be commuting and will probably miss the Q&A. Can I ask a Q here? What’s the latest on the Williams firing? Surprised we haven’t heard more details or his side of the story yet in the press…thanks.


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